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Which earphones to get

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Looking to buy a pair of high-quality earphones. Have no idea on whats good, so all recommendations welcome. Multi-use preferably, so I'd use them for normal music listening on my phone as well as using them for jogging, so they cant get ruined from sweat.

Are 'Tour' Beats any good? Any other suggestions?
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for jogging i LOVE my Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680s - very good sound (they don't rival my Grados, but you can't run in those things) don't move, great water resistance, no bouncy cabley weird thwappy echoey sounds. Excellent. Ran a half marathon in a monsoon in these things and I didn't miss a beat.
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Beats Tour are nice but if you want to stand out, you're better off picking up a pair of urBeats or Heartbeats.
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