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Buyers Remorse? YSL Tuxedo?

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Hi Guys,


I have a friends wedding coming up in July and I'm one of the groomsman. My wife's been telling me that I should just rent a tux, but I cringe at the idea of wearing a I recently saw this YSL tuxedo on Gilt


And in a moment of quick decision ended up picking one up. Now I'm having buyers remorse, thinking that maybe I spent too much and should have just rented.


What do you guys think? Does this look like a good deal? I know this is a very open ended question, but I'm just curious if you guys think I made the right decision or not!


Thanks! :)

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It really depends on your income and need beyond the wedding. $1000 isn't probably going to break the bank. It is a nice tux. It will serve you for years as long as your middle doesn't expand.
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I completely agree, I don't think $1000 is a whole lot in general, but I wonder if I could have spent it somewhere else and gotten a better Tux. Is YSL supposed to make good Tuxes?

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It really depends on what you mean by "good". If the tux fits you well and is well-constructed, that is what you are looking for and the price is a good buy. You did well, no remorse go forth and be classy.
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haha thanks! I will post pictures the minute it arrives, and you can be the judge on how it fits! I might have to take it to a tailor to get it fitted..lets see! Thanks for your help! :)

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IMO, it's overpriced for THAT tuxedo. Remember, you got married for a reason; you're not smart enough to make your own decisions :-P Listen to your wife next time, or do a little research before you buy.

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No one else is commenting on the fact that the tuxedo is ultra-modern and notched lapels? For the $1000, you could do MUCH better.
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Ahh didn't see the notches. My eyes are going. Return it at once.
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Notches may be "wrong," but poor fit is the worse sin by far. A thousand bucks does not buy you a lot of tux options. So, if the thing fits well, it is not an egregious expenditure.
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Does it fit? That is critical.
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The fact is, is that you will probably be invited to more weddings in your lifetime and $1000 isn't too much to spend as long as it fits you good.


Do you feel comfortable in it?

Does it fit your body shape?

Do you like how it looks?

Can you see yourself wearing this for years to come?

Is it good quality material?


If you can't answer those questions with a absolute yes, then it was probably a bad idea. You know what they say: "you are what you feel" If you don't like the tux perhaps you should return in and instead go through a tux shop that custom tailors right there and can guarantee that you are 100% satisfied.


I know it is hard for a of men to find a suit or tux that fits like a glove so to speak! It is a big misunderstanding that all men fit into a standard cut.


Hope this helps! Good luck with your tux journey!

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What is Gilt's return policy?

For me the notch lapel kills it but that may be due to SF indoctrination. Most won't notice - in fact most will have similar lapels anyway - so the main thing is the fit.

If you can/want to return, Suit Supply has a peak lapel single breasted single button tux - with grosgrain lapels, no belt loops, side vents - for about $600. Jos A Bank has the same with no vents but the lapels are too narrow for my taste and it's about $900.
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Well I haven't gotten it yet, should have it sometime next week. I have a pretty lean physique so it should fit well (with minor alterations). I'll take pictures and post as soon as I get it. I actually don't mind the notch lapel, but I guess that's also because I haven't spent too much time on SF yet :)

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I believe that is actually a peak lapel dinner jacket, unless I'm looking at the wrong picture. If I'm looking at the right one, it looks perfectly classic and you'll feel a million bucks everything you put it on for years to come. Enjoy it!

Ph, but be sure to have finishing touches put on it by a tailor you trust. Shorten the sleeves to show some cuff, have it taken in at the waist, and have the pants taken in to achieve a slim leg, and finally have the trousers shortened so that there is barely a break. You want the trousers to hang straight down so that you have clean, straight lines leading to your shiny shoes. Not bunching up at the ankles!
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My fiance got the same tux from Gilt and it arrived tonight.  Unfortunately is was HUGE!.  We even went to the YSL to try on for size and he was a 44r (54s) in the store and it was perfect. He ordered the 44r from gilt and it looked like he was wearing a suit 2 sizes big.  I think the sizing was totally off and now we stuck.  If you are over 6ft tall you ok but any shorter and you prob need to return :/

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