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What colour trousers would you pair with some truly awful cheap and nasty green tassle loafers?

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Oh, here's a link to the shoes in green;

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I think you've bought yourself a couple of lessons in why cheaply made shoes aren't worth it.


That said, I don't think you'd be too far wrong wearing them with khaki trousers, an oxford shirt, and I guess a navy blazer. Some kind of corduroy jacket might work, too.

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i dont know about the color of pants, but you should definitely wear a paper sack on your head so that you don't get recognized wearing those hideous shoes.
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Ugly shoes, but the answer is nearly always light grey flannel. It is here.
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I do realise that cheap shoes aren't worth but unfortunately my budget can't stretch to a nice pair of Church's at the moment, I have more important things to spend my money on. Thank you for your advice.

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I've just re-read my original post and I can't see that I asked if people thought they were hideous or not. I asked what colour trousers people would recommend to wear with green shoes.


What exactly makes them hideous? The colour or style?


I appreciate they are cheap and Ted Baker aren't renowned for their shoes but I like them and for 30 quid I can't complain. Some people are on a budget and can't afford to splash out £400+ for shoes.


If you haven't got anything useful to say don't bother saying anything at all.

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People can definitely be a bit harsh and blunt on here, but try to take it as an opportunity to learn as there are some very knowledgeable people on this forum. Sometimes you'll get an answer to a question you didn't directly ask as happened here. I think people are just trying to be honest and give you a realistic assessment of whether you should even attempt to pair the shoes with anything.

My personal opinion: The color is pretty bad and the non-matching tassel isn't particularly attractive either. I suspect the leather quality is not great, but that's somewhat to be expected with cheap shoes. That said, I've seen way worse. If you truly like the color, by all means wear them, especially in casual environments (I shudder to think anyone would wear those with a suit). On the other hand, if you bought them because they were on sale (never a good move, most things that I've purchased primarily because they were on sale sit in the back of my closet) and are trying to make the best of a bad situation, check out some of the suggested pairings offered and take this as a lesson that deep discounts often result in you wasting your money.

For someone who I assume doesn't have too many pairs of shoes, I'd stick to basic colors such as black or brown in the future. You can buy the 400 GBP-plus shoes when you are in a position to afford them, but don't worry about that now. I still remember how great it felt to be wearing a pair of $325 Aldens back in 2006 when I was used to lower quality shoes and before I knew some of the things I know now. Stick with what you can afford but also keep in mind that better shoes will last a lot longer. You're better off with 2 pairs of decent shoes (which can be had for well before 400 GBP) than 4 pairs of lesser quality shoes.

If you're looking for suggestions to match, then I agree with the prior suggestions of light grey flannel or khakis. I'd stick to the more casual end and maybe pair these with polos / sweaters more than dress shirts. A button-down collar shirt is probably okay but I don't see any way to make these look good formal.

Hopefully this is at least somewhat helpful. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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i was going to say check with gdot until i saw the shoe . . . . hate to poop the party but those have GOT to GO

you're better than that & i don't even know you.

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Green looks good with tan, cream or gray.
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Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy View Post

Green looks good with tan, cream or gray.

PSG knows I have a pair of green Bontonis and they are my favorite shoes even though they dont always get the love from everyone on the forum. Greys, tans, browns, jeans as well.
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The shoes are going back. I like the style but after a bit of thought I do agree with everyones comments. I admit they are shit. The green colour I thought would be a bit different but people are entitled to change their mind. Like I said, I originally had them in brown which made them a lot more versatile. The quality is awful and this new pair also look like they'd come apart after 1 wear.


I don't usually buy really cheap crap but I've got an expensive couple of months ahead. I've found an alternative which will take me a couple of months to save for but hopefully will be worth it in the long run.


I admit they are probably the worst quality shoes I've bought but I was willing to give Ted Baker the benefit of the doubt by trying another pair. Turns out their quality control is shite.


Thanks for the comments.

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They are pretty dreadful things so I would not waste any further money buying trousers to go with them. If you really must wear them at all, jeans as anything can go with casual especially to a fancy dress party.
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I think you opened yourself to criticism simply by stating your opinion that you are fashion conscious and well-dressed. Those shoes - no matter what the brand, price or quality - had people thinking otherwise. Take it to heart. If you are set on loafers, search SF for examples that are well received then find something similar in your price range.
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OK, so I've left myself open to some digs on here. I can take it.


I've edited my original post to something more suitable.


Thankyou all for your feedback.

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