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Taking bets now on how long until the release of the first cookbook that specifies specific knife bevels in each recipe.
memo to self: send note to agent.
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Thanks Matt! I appreciate Shig from a technical perspective, but I'm glad to see they do not disappoint in use. I have one supplier of tools who also does knives and he sells out of his stock almost immediately when he receives them.

I've seen how they're made, it's pretty impressive, after forging they're literally scraped to the basic finish, hardened, tempered and then finished with natural stones.
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Just stumbled across this thread.  To cross-pollinate interests of mine: www.kitchenknifeforums.com.  


For those looking for a OneKnife who know a bit about how to care for blades but don't want to wait for a customer maker or drop $1k plus on a honyaki, this would be mine: 




One of the best cutters I've ever used.  


If you want something a bit prettier, this guy's not too bad either:



For context, this is what some friends and I do to have fun:


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Hey that's not a knife, oh wait no, actually wait that's definitely a knife. Alrighty, yeah here you win.
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That's a man with a proper addiction icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Here is a source a little closer to the origin;


I use him for carpentry tools and if you can get past some rough translation and google translate he's great to work with.

The overlap being that Shig makes Yari Kanna and marking knives.
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Those are the aggregate collections of about eight people, and the vast majority aren't mine. I've pared my collection down to seven knives with one more custom gyuto on the way.  


If you can find them, Shigefusa gyutos are great cutters and exemplify the craft of Japanese knife making as well as a simple, functional elegance (no blingy handles or triple-patterned damascus blades).  


One source people have used for Shigs is Maxim Enevoldsen at http://www.japanesenaturalstones.com/.  Really wish I had one.  

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I think he is the only one with any sort of regular rotation of stock on them. I know So gets them one in a while but the last pair was gone within about a day of listing.

I've been debating one long enough that a year wait shouldn't be a deterrent, lol.
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Needed a real sushi knife to replace the western make-shift and Heiji-San's work bested my willpower this morning

Iwasaki Swedish pure carbon steel 300mm.

I expect only a few people know about this maker, but he is among the best blacksmiths in Japan. Not super expensive because he primarily makes woodworking tools. He is the top saw-maker in Japan and has moved into Kanna (japanese planes) and kitchen knives to keep food on the table.

It's my understanding that Heiji-San will not allow his son to make saws, instead he will only allow him to be a general tool-maker and knife maker. Unfortunately the demand for hand-made saws is currently very low since most Japanese carpenters use replaceable blade saws.

Most of Heiji-San's knives online are semi-stainless, this is pure carbon steel and this particular Swedish pure carbon is favored to White Steel #1 by many top smiths such as Hidari Konobu.
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Nice--I've played with a Heiji gyuto in that steel, and it was a great cutter with very good fit/finish.  Put it to work over in the "what did you eat last night" thread!

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Absolutely. My wife is on rice detail, so hopefully we can put something worthwhile together as a team.
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took delivery of a Chosera 5K, knife magnet, and a digital angle finder.

also, thinking about ordering this:

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Forgot to post, but I ordered the ceramic paring knife most were recommending, working beautifully so far. Got one for my mom as well
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