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SLEAZYJET?! There must be some mistake. You must have meant to put China Airlines or something in there

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Haa, as bad as easyJet is, Ryan is faaaaaar worse. I have happy memories associated with eJ because they fly to Nice
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The best flying experience I've had has been with Lufthansa Biz Class. Really great service and smooth sailin'. For style, my fave has got to be Alexander Girard-era Braniff:
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because a close friend of mine works for them and she gets me first-class tickets for the price of coach.
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Haven't tried easyjet yet but wizzair kicks the crap out of ryanair also. The seats recline!
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RyainAir scares the hell out of me. I'm not flying with them again. BA is my favorite so far. Their business class is better than many first class compartments in other airlines so I can't complain.
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For domestic service in the United States, I would go with United, especially if you're riding in Economy. Economy Plus for elites with 3-5" of extra leg room is great. If you're riding in premium cabins, it would depend on the route you fly most. Continental has BusinessFirst which is great on routes they have it on. United has ps service on LAX/SFO-NYC transcons. I don't fly to Europe but since I'm based in Seoul now, I fly intra-Asia and Asia-United States quite frequently. Singapore Airlines is great. They have new planes, great seats with AVOD (audio video on demand) and their service is World class. If you're flying in premium cabins, they have their new First and Business products which are amazing (SFO-ICN-SIN) and also on a few Asia-Europe flights. Personally, I think Asiana is great. Their seats are kind of old but their service more than makes up for it. I think their service is actually better than Singapore Airlines and their flight attendants are in general, quite pretty. They have new Business class products on some planes and are continuing to roll out new Business and First products on other planes.
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1. KLM royal dutch airlines. Beautiful color layout of the airplanes with light grey and light blue.
2. Varig. (are they closed?) Brazilian airline that i used on a transatlantic flight to Rio. (that was reasonably comfortable.)
3. Quantas. Just because of Dustin Hoffman's line in Rainman.
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Onur Air (Turkish airline) Worst airline ever. The smell of the toilets in that plane was so bad I could NOT puke, which is strange because a. I had to throw up b. bad smell should make you throw up. However even when very very ill and cold sweat and all, I still can be shocked by smell into instant recomposure.
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Originally Posted by Kent Wang View Post
Which airlines still have appearance and weight requirements for their stewardesses? I've noticed that Asiana does; I assume others in the Far East do so as well.

I can vouch for JAL, ANA, Thai and Singapore, but no others.
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Actually, when I taught stewardesses in Japan in the late 80s~early 90s, there were distinct height and weight requirements for every domestic and international airline employing Japanese stewardesses. Judging by the visuals, they are still in effect.
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Did you hit that shit, dawg?
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2. Varig. (are they closed?) Brazilian airline that i used on a transatlantic flight to Rio. (that was reasonably comfortable.)
I don't think anyone knows what is going on with Varig right now. They canceled all of their flights outside of Latin America after bankruptcy though.

Onur Air (Turkish airline) Worst airline ever.
I'm glad you're still with us, Onur has one of the worst safety records I've ever seen.

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I haven't flown most of the previously mentioned airlines, so I'm just going to throw in Southwest and American as my two favorite carriers.

I also have fond feelings towards United because my late maternal Grandfather was a crew chief for them at LAX from ~ 1950-1975.

Prior to that, he and my Grandmother owned and operated a small airport in Chicago and he was a pilot as well. Somewhere, I have his pilot log along with the business records of the airport and the planes that they purchased and sold in the 30's and 40's.
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