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Dress Shoes for Haglund's Deformity/Retrocalcaneal Bursitis

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Hello Everyone,


I have been a long time user of this forum, and I require the expertise of its users.  Recently, I am required to dress professionally for most of the days of the week. The problem is that I developed either Haglund's deformity, commonly know s the Bump Pump that women develop or retrocalcaneal bursitis, I am still waiting on the X rays to confirm which one.  I have two pairs of dress shoes that I used: 1) Cole Haan Air Colton Wingtip oxford (the ones I wear the most and believed caused the problem), and 2) Hugo Boss black calfskin lace up (when I wear this, I have no problems).  


My doctor suggested to change my shoes to something with a softer back or padding in the back of the heel and collar.


Are there any good quality men's dress shoes with a padded collar/ankle that will not rub off and irritate my ankle? What about of any heel inserts or ankle cushions to add to dress shoes to prevent this problem?  I am looking for a classic looking dress shoes to be worn with dress pants or suits, not some clunky awful looking shoes that look like they were made for children.  I have seen several suggestion such as Johnston Murphys, Eccos, Mephistos but I have not seen any suggestions for this type of problem.  


Has anyone ever had this problem? I need to dress well and I simply hate the idea wearing some clunky shoes that do not look good with dress pants or a suit.


I am sort of a shoephile, and I love wearing classic dress shoes when I have to dress up for school.


Also, I did not know if this type of questions belongs to the Ask Question category.





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My advice is to be very wary of any advice you get here regarding specific shoe choices, as everyone's foot is different, and besides, you don't even have a confirmed diagnosis yet.


I would instead suggest waiting for the final diagnosis from your orthopaedic doctor or podiatrist, and whether he ends up advising the need for referrral for an orthotic device and/or padding of some sort to reduce heel pressure. If it ends up not being serious enough to warrant such intervention, then experimenting in person with a range of shoes is probably best, to find the one that fits your foot the best. Your specialist will advise further, but IIRC the rule of thumb is something that doesn't press excessively against the heel/back of the ankle and doesn't have too rigid a back. I think some people also find gentle exercises to be helpful. Judging by your chosen name on the board, you should be able to snag some rather more direct access to someone who can advise you on all of this! Corner one of the orthopods next them you see them grabbing a coffee after their rounds. ;)


Good luck!

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Thanks Holdfast,


I have already asked my ortho and his advice was regardless of wether it is Haglund's or just an anterior retrocalcaneal bursitis, I should wear shoes that don't irritate the heel such as soft rubber shoes.  He also advised me to try a heel lift orthotic, but most of the times the results are minimal if the shoes are not modified. He also advise to try ankle heel boots instead of shoes where the heel ends in the distal attachment of the achilles tendon. I would have to see a podiatrist for a custom ankle foam pad but I would still need to buy new shoes to account for the extra space for the orthotic.


I just wanted to know if there are any classic dress shoes that I can wear with suits that have soft heels or padding. Being that it is a very common problem with men's dress shoes and people with high arches.  


Of course, I can always wear some rubber sole dress shoes, I just don't like their looks. They seem to clunky and big.


Thanks for help.

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Suede shoes are softer and will help with this. I had the same problem and the pain went away after I stopped wearing my AE Cliftons and only wearing C&J Handgrade.
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I'll go shopping this weekend for some new shoes and boots. One more questions, does suede shoes look good with suits?   What about when you need to wear black shoes?  I have never seen people wear black suede shoes before.


Thank guys

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