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Dress Shirts with precise sleeve lengths

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Looking for some advice on dress shirts.


I have recently found that a Brooks Brothers Extra Slim Fit 15 and a half collar and 32 sleeve length fits me really well. I have a few already but I am looking to try out some other brands, so that the style of my shirts look slightly different.


One thing I liked about BB shirts are the exact sleeve lengths. What other companies have shirts with exact sleeve lengths? I found out that I am a 32 and not a 32/33 which seems to be the lowest size in many other brands.


I would like to also have the shirt be at least as slim fit as the extra slim fit BB shirt.


Thanks for any advice!

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Try Charles Tyrwhitt or TM Lewin. Both have precise sleeve lengths and various levels of slimness
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Man, I wish I had that problem. Plenty of brands offer a 15.5 x 32, and some even offer it as their default option for a 15.5. (With some careful research, especially on eBay, one can usually find the measurements for a standard shirt of a certain neck size in a given brand).

Try being a 15.5 x 36. It's a much harder road to walk. smile.gif
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Well I think I can give you some advice: Neronote manufactures shirts with a 15,5 collar size, and you can customize a standard size changing only the sleeves lenght. Or you can better create your own profile with all your measurements. The price doesn't depend on how or how many details of the shirt you customize. It only depends on the fabric you choose could try smile.gif

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