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Opinions on first suit purchase

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Hi everyone,


First I'd just like to thank the community on these forums, it was one of my primary sites of research when learning about suits. This eventuated in purchasing my first suit. I wanted just a classic american style suit that would be worn on those special occasions, such as job interviews and weddings. It super 150, what are you opinions? Would you consider this a nice suit?


edit: I realize that I have no shoes on and my pants are a bit krinkled, just try and ignore it :)



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It's tough to tell if something is a "nice suit" from seeing one picture. But my impressions fwiw:

Jacket too short for you
Lapels too skinny and just look kind of dead
The front of the jacket is rippling and puckering. It's possible a tailor can clean some of this up, but it would be much easier to just start with a different jacket
Shoulder line looks kind of wavy, but that may just be your shoulders.
Buttoning point too high
Undo the bottom button!
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Apart from the wrinkled trousers, the jacket looks short on you.

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Noob here. Looks ok, but the bottom button should be undone
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Not wonderful I am sorry to say - take it back.

Coat too short and lapels a tad narrow. Fit of the body not wonderful - sundry puckering which suggest it belongs to someone else but unfasten the bottom button.
Trousers seem peculiar but always wear shoes when trying trousers as it affects the way in which they hang.

150 is not going to wear well.

To answer your question directly, I do not consider it a "nice suit".
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Some of the "puckering" and the unattractiveness of the pants might be due to how easily the fine fabric wrinkles. From that alone, not a good choice for a first suit.
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