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For Sale:
Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme pleated cardigan

Will Ship To: Anywhere

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YYPH pleated cardigan in dark grey.

Size 3.

Product code HB-J11-010-1A


100% cotton

Condition 9/10.  There are wrinkles from storage, but no other visible wear.

Made in Japan

Fabric swatch and 2 extra buttons included.


From SS12.  This looks exactly like to the one in look 7, except that that one doesn't appear to have buttons and this one does.  Made from fine jersey in dark grey with a subtle blue fuzz.  Two pouch pockets on the front and one interior chest pocket.  Cotton taping reinforcment of the button anchor points and button holes.  Thin shoulder padding, not removable without alteration, but held in place by strands of thread in only three places. Pleating along back hem.


This fits fairly tight in the chest and shoulders.  It can and probably should be worn open, but if you're slender in the upper body it can be buttoned up without issue except for possibly the top button.


(In centimeters)

length 93

chest width 51

shoulder width 52

sleeve length 62

upper sleeve width 20

cuff width 16


photo cardigan1_zpsf9799938.jpgphoto cardigan4_zps2a5f7cd1.jpgphoto cardigan3_zps28243d3a.jpgphoto cardigan2_zps92d24e9c.jpgphoto cardigan9_zps9489fa32.jpgphoto cardigan8_zpsbb509208.jpgphoto cardigan7_zps8951c4b8.jpgphoto cardigan5_zps3aab366e.jpg >photo cardigan6_zps279420ea.jpg

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