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Where to shop in GTA or where to buy online?

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First post. I am looking at purchasing a few suits between 500-700 each. I am located in the east end of the GTA but am not opposed to buying online even out of the states as I have a US address for package forwarding if required. Where are my fellow canucks shopping? any deals to be found in brick and mortars? any experiences good or bad are welcomed. 

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I live in Toronto but suits is the only item I cannot buy onine as the require many fits and measurements. Probably have to wait until suit supply opens in spring.
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Harry Rosen Outlet in Mississauga.
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'Sauga Heartland is having a big sale right now. I bought a suit there today for $700, although I don't know the label (Baumler) well enough to know how good of a deal I got. 

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Try IM-Label ( I had shirts made there and were very happy with them. Friend of mine has suits made with them and was equally thrilled.

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suit supply

brick n mortar hr has a sammy mtm deal for 995 right now...
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I am looking for suggestions on the same thing as well.

Recently i went to Hugo boss outlet to buy a suit for $700 but decided not to. The cut and style was perfect for my athletic build but the quality was that of a ~$300 suit. If anyone has suggestions and/or experience I would like to hear it as well.


Perhaps Moores would have a better quality suit for a better price?

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Originally Posted by othertravel View Post

Harry Rosen Outlet in Mississauga.


I copped a ridiculous cashmere Zegna windowpane jacket here for 80% off on Monday. My credit card hates this place.

Syndey's in a sponsor on here and I've picked up some great stuff from them. My brother's closet is rammed from this place as well. There are a few places on and around Queen West that are worth a day or so of a browse this time of year.
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I picked up my first Band of Outsiders tie from Sydney's (this was before Holt Renfrew started carrying it). Very friendly staff at Sydney's.
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Does anyone have any info in regards to the when and where of suit supply?
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Have you gone to Tom's in Kensington?
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Just some input if you're considering buying a suit from im-label. Don't expect to receive your suit in the expected time frame. I was originally quoted 5-6 weeks for it to arrive, it ended up being closer to 9-10 weeks. When it finally did arrive, it had to get some alterations done, mainly to take of 1/2 inch on the sleeves, as well as taper the lower portion of the pants (the associate I saw recommended straight leg for some reason, and being my first mtm suit agreed with the logic it can be altered later). It's been 2+ weeks since I was there to have those alterations done, and still no word back yet.

The customer service leaves a lot to be desired. When my suit first arrived, I left two messages in their voicemail but received no reply. I had to keep calling back until I was able to get someone on the phone to schedule a fitting appointment.


About the quality, upon the first inspect it seemed to be of decent quality. But then again, this is my first 'real' suit. I'll be able to follow up more on this after I actually get to take it home.

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take a trip over the border into NF NY and go to the outlets for OTR @ Burberry, Saks, Barney, BB

Burberry has their London line, Italian made suits on in the $400 - $600 range (MSRP: $1200 - $1600) in blues, blacks and greys right now and 40-60% off a ton of their shirts and coats.
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