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looking for some advice......

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so, i have a wedding in april, in sicily. 


i had a clearout after losing a lot of weight last year and i've been left with one suit that i bought during my weightloss. which i had altered to fit better. 


i like it, it's not the greatest suit, but it's nice enough for me at the moment. 


anyway, back to the wedding, it's going to be pretty warm, so i was thinking a waistcoat would be good, as i'd still look smart when i took the jacket off.


my problem is i don't know if i can wear a non matched waistcoat. and even if it is "allowed", i don't know what'd work. 


can anyone come up with some suggestions as to what, if anything might work? (budget isn't massive)


(as you can see, i could also use some help in the shirt and tie department.)



it's such a strange colour suit too... i have no idea where to begin. but want to look good. (photo makes the fabric slightly darker than it is. it's meant to be petrol blue, but seems lighter (and possibly greener like a turquoise hue)



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I'm no expert when it comes to suits, but I would advise against wearing a non-matching wasitcoat/vest -- that too, on your wedding day. While one can pull it off in casual scenarios, weddings are formal events (for grooms especially)!

I actually like the color of your suit, and feel a pocket square & tie-bar would do it wonders. Sorry, can't say much else.. hopefully someone else will chime in. I currently have a thread going on myself, about the proper fit for a suit.

Best of luck to you, and congratulations
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I live in Napoli and the heat is unbearable in the summer.  I think you would be much cooler wearing a light linen suit and shirt. 

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just to clarify, it's not my wedding. it's a friend's. so i am free to wear whatever i like. 


militia, that was my instinct on the waistcoat. but am open to the idea. 


what colours for shirt/tie/pocketsquare would you folk recommend for this colour suit? i don't think that navy skinny tie looked quite right in practice. 



americangent, looking at the climate, i'm expecting 15-20 celsius in april. i was a little surprised by that, as i have family in and around napoli and i would have thought it might be warmer. and won't be shocked if/when it is. 


having said that, i wouldn't mind a new linen suit. something that would go with a pink shirt ideally. any suggestions? (i've looked recently, but not found anything tempting)

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If you have some family maybe you could come over early and get a suit done on your way to Sicily?!  


April will be really mild still so linen won't be necessary.  Sorry I didn't catch the April in your first post-  it's 3:20 am here and I'm watching the Ravens-Pats game while surfing SF!

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not really an option, i've got flights booked with 5 other people direct, just a couple of days before the wedding. 


i think this is essentially a "what to wear with a petrol blue suit" thread

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I sort of like that vibrant color.

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Hmmmm, maybe a pink shirt? Definitely something with bigger collar points than in the shirt you have on in the photo. I think a white shirt really looks better with a darker navy or charcoal suit; I don't see it with your suit. A pink shirt would go well with a burgundy tie and maybe a navy / midnight blue tie as well. A nice grey tie (perhaps a grenadine) could be very nice there. There are a lot of wedding ties made from various grey silk patterns, so that might be worth looking into.
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how about something like this? i know it's a lighter suit than mine, but i think it looks good


pink and burgundy sounds ok too. will see what i can find, thanks

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