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Our Legacy shirts. A lot of them

And some baller knits, too -- anything besides the usual suspects ss/raf/jil/etc (jet?)
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Want to try some Christopher Raeburn stuff, although the two things I wanted on Oki Ni (backpack and cap) are already sold out.
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Slim chinos ala UNIS....
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

Ya, I didn't gain any this winter but just changed up my diet starting a year ago and have continually lost weight since (doesn't hurt I work out hard) which is nice because it keeps the physique in check from getting too big. You should check out the nike thread, I got a couple of really good running shirts and jackets recently.

Cool. Will look into that thread. Was tempted to buy some Gyakusou when I saw it was still available on sale, until I realized it was all hype and overpriced. Just need some good basics.

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BBS tees and pants

A1923 laces boots (if I start shitting money)

Devoa shirt

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gitmanGAT5-zip all the cutting-edge shit
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post

gitmanGAT5-zip all the cutting-edge shit


stay crispy, as the kids say

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A couple of baller cardigans (stark, SS, etc)


Slim grey jeans

Visible abs

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I'm bringing BoO back
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Thinking about finally rocking a blazer, especially since I find myself wanting to do the whole blazer and jeans thing when doing a night out.

Oh yeah, visible abs, too. Finally pulled it off, and at age 33 it's not easy friends. Vitamix was the key.
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thanks jet for the thread. my post wasn't originally geared towards ss, but just a general kop list. anyways...
Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

is there a thread to post things in that you want to buy? anyway, haven't bought any clothes recently really want the follow though.

1) cool lace up boots (f+b)

(side note: how do f+b fit? size down 1 or 2?)

2) a cool grey wool blazer

3) a cool aran sweater, sup toasty (actually going to order this soon, just keep forgetting)

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Sartorial ambitions, summer edition:

- Add-in the few essential items (soft cotton jackets, colorful chambray shirts, sunglasses) that'll push my summer game into Mozzie territory (the sidekick from White Collar). I'm especially looking for things that will pair with sneakers. (Hopefully this OL blazer is a good start):
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

- Push current favorites (like overdye camo pants) in a brighter direction: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

- A more EG, Post O'alls, Prurient, Man of Kent direction overall biggrin.gif
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need a smoking jacket with silk lapel, maybe shawl collar.


jet sell me one of your throwbacks
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^thanks for reminding me, need to take to tailor lol8[1].gif

u gon be so jelly
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I wish Lanvin would make shawl DJs again.

Haven't seen anything from SS13 to buy, thankfully -- just a few lingering Yoox/eBay items.

The fw13 shows didn't interest me much, so maybe this year will be a dry spell, purchase-wise, and I can't say the prospect bothers me.
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