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My ascot chang order

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Well, my first order from Ascot Chang (and my first custom shirt order) arrived. I am extremely pleased with the results. The shirts fit perfectly and the details are excellent (patterns line up, nicely tapered per my request, button stitching, etc). I will definitely be returning there for future orders.
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Bring out that digital camera . Bjorn
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I have 2 shirts from AC and they impeccable. They blow away my Jantzen shirts as well as just about every other dress shirt in my closet.
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I will post pics shortly.
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I just visited AC in NYC yesterday. I have been a customer for serveral years. Usually I simply called for swatches and they arrived in the mail. Several orders were placed over the phone. I was amazed at the efficency at the AC shop. Within less then a minute my last order was pulled, swatches infront of me and off we went. I ordered safari shirts, which AC easily custom designed to me likes. Ascot Chang is a top-notch shirt maker. Check them out.
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What is the minimum order at AC?
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As much as I love AC, I am disappointed in their Website. Years ago, they had this real nifty kit they sent out via snail mail that had a folder with a  about 30 fabric swatches in it, a tape measure and an instruction book on how to put your shirt together. Unfortunately, they no longer do that, and the variety of fabric samples they show on their Website is very limited. I called them in NY and they said they don't do those mailer kits anymore.
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I'd like to know their minimum order as well. btw, anyone know how their prices in Hong Kong compare to the prices in LA or NY?
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Last time I checked...minimum order of 4 in the NYC store
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Don't think there's a minimum off their Web site.
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I stopped by AC today, in Beverly Hills. The minimum order for MTM shirts is 4, turn around time is about 4 weeks.
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If you have the chance to go to Hong Kong, I don't think they have a minimum order (can't remember) and the turnaround is two or three days.  I have four shirts from Ascot Chang, all ordered from the store in Central.  I also have about eight from Jantzen.  The AC shirts are noticeably better, but by the same token they were on average at least three or four times as expensive as the Jantzen shirts (AC cost me the HKD equivalent of around GBP100 per shirt, but I chose good cloth e.g. Thomas Mason Silverline).  Ascot Chang visits London a couple of times a year, for those interested.
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what is the price? i know fabric matters, but what kind of range would one be looking at?
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100's oxford $100 to 125 120's sea island $160 to 200 140s sea island $225 to 260 Generally speaking for custom shirts
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All custom orders from AC are made in a factory in Hong Kong (in Hung Hom if anyone knows where that is). Some ready-made items are made in China where labour costs are lower and quality is not as demanding. Thus, custom orders in Hong Kong could take as little as 2 to 3 days, alterations within a week. There is also a alteration-ist stationed at the Central store, where he does all the alterations if you are purchasing a Brioni through AC. The minimum order in Hong Kong is 3 shirts, although after a while, it is kind of flexible. Three main classes of fabrics: DJ Anderson, Thomas Mason, and other unknown mills. DJAs are the most expensive, usually starting at around super 150s (as a rough guide for fabric character), for around US$320 or so. TM is a little cheaper, and in my opinion, wears better too (don't crease easily, etc.), and starting from Super 120s at around US$160 or so. My usual order, which is TM super 150s, costs around US$200. Other fabrics, which are personally chosen by Ascot Chang's son (who is in charge of the company now together with an uncle), are from cheaper mills in Italy and all over. I tried one shirt from that book and while it was a pattern I like, the fabric is noticeably of a lower quality (rough on the skin, prone to creases, stiffer drape), and they start at mere US$120. Their 'default' buttons are like those from T&A, and if you request 3mm pearl buttons, another US$10. I don't like the buttons they have, as they are not high quality MOP. They appear a bit yellowish, almost like troca. US charges about 30% import duty (if my information is up to date) on all cotton goods, so prices in US will be at least 30% higher. I have my personal opinions on AC, but generally speaking, they make a splendid shirt. I think I posted some pictures earlier.
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