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YOOX selling fake Balmain

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Doing a quick Google search, I can't seem to find any mention of this anywhere.

Balmain never released this in any fall/winter collection.

Looking at the article it self, I don't think this is a Balmain product at all.

Label says Made in China.

And shoe sizing is all wrong. The listing says 10 (US) 40 (EU) - this cannot be right, 40 EU is too damn small to be a 10.
The listing also says 9 (US) 39 (EU), which is again, false.

Anyone experienced anything similar with Yoox?
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Who cares if they are legit or not. They are ugly.
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Yoox often has sizing errors in its listings, which makes sense, given the breadth of merchandise -- they can't be familiar with all of it.

I only see a size 5 (35 Euro), which agrees with the fact that this was released as a women's shoe circa ss11 - ss12. I don't remember a men's version.

Balmain is prominent and expensive enough that it makes sense for people to be faking their goods, but a glance at the high-res photo does not reveal the kind of shoddy construction typical to counterfeit merchandise.

I am not proclaiming it real, but I don't think you have established it is a fake.

How do you know it was made in China?
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they very often mess up the gender of the item, well not very often but it should never happen
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@Mistral, looks like people care enough.

@GoldenTribe, thanks or the response. There were sizes 5 (US) all the way to 10 (US).

I purchased the size 9 and size 10, that is why I am posting here.

I would never have suspected YOOX selling counterfeits, as their reputation is rock solid.

How do I know they are Made in China? Because it says so clearly. Here's a pic :

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Yeah, I got a feeling they mixed up the gender.

But I still can't find these under Balmain Womens fall/winter zip high-top sneakers
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Customer service has yet to respond to me ='/
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could be samples, could be a piece bought by 1 store, etc.
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I bought both sizes, 9 and 10. It's not just a single piece - there were sizes 5 through to 11.

They're prolly fake womens ones. On hindsight now, such a silly purchase.

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Dude stop posting here saying theyre fakes unless you have solid evidence. My guess is that they're legit, but its probably meant for an outlet or some shit. Your fault for buying ugly ass shoes in the first place.
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