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Let out the waist. It looks pretty good everywhere else.

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looks good to me, icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I assume you're going for the tightly fitted aesthetic, in which case, it looks pretty good overall. Just make sure not to gain any weight, because the jacket isn't going to be very forgiving of such. smile.gif

I'm not crazy about the high buttoning point, but that's the style of the jacket, and there's nothing you'd ba able to do about it that won't end up looking silly.

My only other nitpick is that the jacket may be a bit on the short side. Hard to tell precisely, as your jeans are sitting pretty low. Where on the waist or hips do you normally wear your dress trousers and suit pants?
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Originally Posted by sparrow View Post

its ok but..
maybe a tad big in the shoulders
both pants and arms wrinkle usually from not correct fit. unless of course they jsut happened to be wrinkled.
a better quality pic would help for better judgement. maybe try doing it outside in sunlight since it appears you are using a camera phone?or web cam


Originally Posted by Nicola View Post

Maybe it's the lighting. I'm also wondering what a back pic would show.

But. The shoulders look a little wide.

The button point high.

The pant rise low.

Even the chest might be too big.

Jacket might be too short.

Tight? At the buttoning point maybe.

Shoulders are NOT too wide. They're good.
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Looks great. You actually have a waist, which is good, so let it shine on through! When you're old and fat, then you can worry about letting your suit hide your physique.
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It looks good to me. I wouldn't alter anything.
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There's something odd with the pants fit.

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Originally Posted by shilleck View Post

There's something odd with the pants fit.

Originally Posted by suitnoob View Post

Just got a new suit, but I think it may be a little tight near the waist. This is my first suit, so I'm not sure. What do you all think?

Edit: Only showing the jacket here, the pants fit great.

Those are NOT his suit pants.
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