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MTM Fesco Suit

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I would like to get a MTM fresco suit for the summer. I have a few questions about fresco fabrics in general, and would also like to hear from someone who has had this done.


When getting a fresco suit, what is typically done with the lining? Are they generally half-lined for ventilation? Can you see through them in sunlight (especially the unlined parts)? When not in direct sunlight, is the suit fabric generally indistinguishable from regular worsted wool? Is there anything else I need to know about fresco?


I asked one MTM place in NJ if they would be getting any fresco fabrics in for the spring/summer line, and he didn't know what I was talking about. I probably won't be using him. Do most MTM places stock a line of frescos? I will go to another MTM place in NYC (LS Men's) at some point and ask them. They seemed to have a larger fabric selection.


Also, if anyone knows any OTR makers of frescos that would be available in the NYC area, I would certainly consider those as well, as I am not too difficult to fit.


Edit: Also, how do they wear? Does the fabric not last as long as a typical 3-season? And are the fabrics going to be labeled "fresco" or am I just looking for a certain weight?

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Can anyone with experience with fresco suits offer any advice on the usual configuration of one? I would also like input on whether or not the pants should be lined, and if not, do I need to worry about someone being able to see through them

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I believe fresco is a name specific to Minnis. Link is here. Smith's makes a similar version called finmeresco. Both are wool fabrics with porous weaves. I have a blazer in fresco that is quarter-lined to make use of the porous weave as it's a summer blazer. Fresco comes in all weights. It has a feel different from worsted wool, some consider it "rustic" but it's subjective. It also comes in all weights. In addition to it being porous it's also crease resistant so I think some people like the heavier weight stuff for travel suits even outside of the summer months.

The blazer I have is in the lightest weight Minnis makes, and despite this it wears really well. I'm not sure what kind of lining is recommended for fresco trousers that are going to be worn during the summer. I'd probably discuss it with the tailor.
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I seem to remember Holland Sherry having a Fresco bunch also.
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Holland & Sherry make CrispAire, which is their version of Fresco, but I've never seen it in person.
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Ah yes you are right. It's been a while since I've worked in the MTM game to look through the books that hard.
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