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For Sale: MAJOR DROPS! CLASSIC COATS! 40L Langrock Raincoat--owned by OWNER OF THE PHILLIES! 38S Aquascutum...

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For Sale:
MAJOR DROPS! CLASSIC COATS! 40L Langrock Raincoat--owned by OWNER OF THE PHILLIES! 38S Aquascutum Trench; 44 Sanyo Trench; BEAUTIFUL Scotland Woman's Shearling! OFFERS WELCOME!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have several classic coats to pass along today!

As always, FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING IN THE CONUS; International inquiries are welcome, with shipping at cost.


Please PM with interest and offers!

1) CLASSIC US Navy Peacoat.


The classic! The one was an official naval issue, not just a reproduction. Extremely thick and warm--intended for use in seriously foul conditions on board in the middle of the Atlantic. Naturally, this has all the details you'd expect from a genuine Naval peacoat--oversized collar, anchor buttons, quilted lining, slash pockets, the works! This could use a dry clean to freshen it up as it's been in storgae for a while, and so is in Very Good condition. MADE IN THE USA.

Asking $35, or offer, CONUS.

Tagged 42, this measures:

Chest: 22 1/2
Sleeve: 24
Shoulder: 19 1/4
Length: 27 1/2 (BOC), 31 (TOC)


th_DSC00764_zps09a57b7b.jpg th_DSC00765_zps68a27571.jpg th_DSC00766_zpsf58f1037.jpg th_DSC00763_zps7789c2e8.jpg

2) CLASSIC Sanyo Trenchcoat. Made in Japan.


This is lovely! made in Japan, this classic trench from Sanyo has all the bells and whistles you'd want. It features a functional throat latch, a gun flap, leather covered buckles on the cuff straps and the belt, a plaid lining to the shell, a zip-out liner, D-rings on the belt, an interior security pocket, slash exterior pockets, and epaulettes. It does have a few minor scuffs on it of the sort you'd pick up after a week or so of wear, and the bottom of one of the interior reach-through pockets has a rip, so this in in overall Very Good condition only. As such, I'm asking

just $35 > 32, or offer, shipped in CONUS.


Chest: 24 1/2
Sleeve (raglan): 36 3/4
Shoulder: NA
Length (BOC): 48

th_DSC00787_zps342c4f46.jpg th_DSC00786_zpsd20b214b.jpg th_DSC00791_zpsaa4e9672.jpg th_DSC00794_zps766ebc9a.jpg th_DSC00792_zps76e851c7.jpg th_DSC00793_zps712defe6.jpg th_DSC00788_zps54388dde.jpg th_DSC00789_zps9ce2932e.jpg th_DSC00790_zps0f08a4c4.jpg

3) GRAIL! Langrock of Princeton raincoat. FORMERLY OWNED BY OWNER OF THE PHILLIES!

I have full provenance on this coat, which were formerly the property of a former owner on the Philadelphia Phillies--Alexander Buck, a man known in the profession and around Princeton for being exceptionally well-dressed! So, if you're a Phillies fan, this represents a rare opportunity to acquire a piece of Philly memorabilia.... and if you're a trad. or Ivy fan, this represents a rare opportunity to acquire a clothing grail!

Langrock was THE Ivy clothiers of Princeton, overshadowing even Hilton and The English Shop. It's now gone, and its suits, jackets, ties, and coats are becoming scarcer each year.

This coat is a classic single-breasted raincoat. There's no fabric content listed, but it appears to be gabardine. It has lapped seams throughout, and a singe hook vent. All of its original buttons are intact, and it is fully lined.

This was formerly the property of Alexander Buck, and he wore it often--so you might well see it in replays or pictures of old Phillies games! It even still has his nametag in the collar! smile.gif

The good news is that this is a Langrock, owned by Buck, and a trad. classic. The not so good news is taht owing to his extensive wear of it this coat is only in Acceptable condition. It has damage to the lining, as shown, although this would be an easy fix. It also have fraying at the cuffs and teh hem, which could be repaired with the addition of leather strips--again, an easy fix. And it is generally rumpled, and could use a dry clean. There are, though, no stains or odours, and with a little TLC this would be a wonderful, useable coat!

Owing to its condition, asking just $35 > 32 > 28, or offer, to allow for restoration costs!


Chest: 23
Sleeve: Raglan, so measured like a shirt: c. 38 (+2 1/2)
Shoulder: NA as raglan sleeve.
Length: 46


th_DSC00433.jpg th_DSC00435.jpg th_DSC00434.jpg th_DSC00432.jpg th_DSC00432.jpg th_DSC00431.jpg th_DSC00439.jpg th_DSC00436.jpg th_DSC00438.jpg

4) 38S Classic Aquascutum Trenchcoat--100% cotton! made in England!


This is beautiful! Cut from 100% cotton rather than the far more usual poly/cotton blend, this trenchcoat shows just why Aquascutum is a worthy rival to Burberry--and it's not just because of their similar heritage! This features a wonderful check lining--different from the usual rather dull Aquascutum lining, since this was made expressly for Barney's of New York--an overshoulder cape, brass throat latches to keep the rain out, a leather buckle on the belt, adjuster belts at the cuffs, the full complement of brass D-rings on the belt (for maps, whistles, and a service revolver for storming the trenches of the Hun!), and a single hook vent. It was MADE IN ENGLAND.

The belt to this coat could do with a press, as it's a bit wrinkled, and there is some minor, minor wear to the leather of the buckle. There is also a very small brown watermark in the lining by the vent--but even you're unlikely to spot this, and it certainly won't be seen when worn. Overall, then, this is very conservatively rated at being in Very Good/Excellent condition.

It's a steal at just $85 > 70 > 60, boxed and shipped in CONUS, or offer. OFFERS VERY WELCOME!

Tagged a 38 Short, this measures:

Chest: 22
Shoulders: N/A as raglan sleeves.
Sleeve (measured like a shirt): c. 33 (+2)
Length: 41 3/4



th_coatssweaters032.jpg th_coatssweaters033.jpg th_coatssweaters036.jpg th_coatssweaters038.jpg th_coatssweaters039.jpg th_coatssweaters040.jpg th_coatssweaters044.jpg th_coatssweaters037.jpg


5) STUNNING Made in Scotland shearling.


This is incredible! First, it's a lovely, thick, shearling, with the interior dyed a rich dark chocolate brown. Second, it's Made in Scotland--and simply oozes quality--not surprisingly, as it was handcrafted from sheepskin. Third, it's an absolutely beautiful cut; this might be Made in Scotland, but the cut of this coat is utterly Imperial Russia.... if she has any hankering at all for seeing Anna Karenina, you NEED to buy her this coat!

This really is a lovely coat. Thick, luxurious shearling, beautifully cut, Made in Scotland... It also features what appear to be stag horn buttons throughout, and comes complete with its original two spares. The throat closes with a leather and horn button throat latch, and the two front pockets and lovely and deep. This also features a zippered interior security pocket--which will house the two spare buttons when I send it to you!

This coat does have the usual low complement of scuffs and nicks that shearling is prone to--in particular, there's a shadow scuff on the back, as shown, and small nicks on the upper arms. I've done my best to show all these character marks in the pictures, though. Overall, this coat is in Very Good condition..... and easily fetched north of $1000 new. How often do you get a shearling cut as beautifully as this that's Made in Scotland to boot?

This is a steal at just $50 > 45 > 40 or lower offer... priced to move very fast!


Bust: 19
Sleeve: 22 1/2
Shoulder: 16 1/4
waist: 19 3/4 (Given because of the lovely Imperial flared cut)
Length: 43


th_coatssweaters061.jpg th_coatssweaters069.jpg th_coatssweaters062.jpg th_coatssweaters063.jpg th_coatssweaters067.jpg th_coatssweaters068.jpg th_coatssweaters071.jpg th_coatssweaters072.jpg th_coatssweaters077.jpg th_coatssweaters079.jpg th_coatssweaters073.jpg th_coatssweaters074.jpg th_coatssweaters075.jpg th_coatssweaters078.jpg th_coatssweaters080.jpg th_coatssweaters081.jpg
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