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9th, wednesday.
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anyone go today? was it worth going?
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I saw at the Marshalls on Boylston in the Back Bay today about a dozen Polo Blue Label suits, all marked at $499. These weren't there last time I was there. Good colors--solid navy, solid charcoal, navy pin, charcoal pin. Saw a 38S for sure, don't recall what else. Not steals per se, but probably the best you're going to do in a brick and mortar store.
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anyone know when the next Louis sale is?
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Louis' summer sale is usually around or right after July 4.
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A little birdey told me the Louis Boston sale started this AM and was packed to the gills. Any feedback?
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Originally Posted by poorsod View Post
A little birdey told me the Louis Boston sale started this AM and was packed to the gills. Any feedback?

I was there when they opened @10- probably about 60-70 folks on Newbury St side, didn't notice Berkeley St, probably equal amount. Everyone reasonably civilized- no scrambling, clawing or eye-gouging. I found my man Michael on the 2nd floor, and he very nimbly and efficiently guided me to the 6 items I had scoped out the previous Thursday. I ended up purchasing three: 2 Dries BD's and a Dries v-neck knit. All awesome fits (haven't noticed Dries' name pop up in slim-fit shirts thread, but for me it's spot-on). Not much in shoes--some Barbera (wonder who makes 'em?) black captoes that looked decent, Dries suede chukkas, Harry's of London casual stuff, but what I really admired last week was the antiqued brown Mantellassi Norvegese captoes--gorgeous, but alas, not on sale and carrying a hefty $1,100+ price tag. Tried 'em on; they were awesome. Not much in suits (nothing in my size; apparently they don't carry shorts anymore, anyway), some nice pants, Valentini's among them that I think I'll go back & check out again, since I ran out of time today.
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I went today. Was not crowded and probably well picked over but there seemed to be some interesting things (e.g., outerwear) remaining

I found their spring summer stuff more inspiring than this past fall/winter (which was downright boring IMO)
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Our Sale officially starts July 26th with reductions from 30% to 50% off seasonal merchandise (Alterations not included) . Early birds are always welcome!

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Does anyone know if the Barbour store on Newbury has seasonal sales, and if so, when they occur?
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I remember them having a very good sale (up to 70% off) around last Januaryish. I don't know if or when they have others.
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