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Hi All,

I'm relatively new here and do more browsing than discussing, but I now come to you for help.  I would like to purchase a slim card case/wallet that would generally be used to carry 3-4 cards and potentially a few bills.  I have settled on the Visiting Card Case by Ettinger.  It is marketed as a business card holder, but customer support at both Ettinger and Fendrihan (Fendrihan support was great and replied within hours, Ettinger support was acceptable at ~1.5 business days) have told me that it would be sufficient for about 3 cards and a few folded notes.  My question: does anybody have experience with this product?  I am hoping to hold it in the front trouser pocket and would like something as slim as possible.  Because I am looking for something as slim as possible that will also be durable for many years, would my best bet be the calf skin or bridle hide?  I've attached links to both.  Thank you very much for taking the time to help!