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Where to get silk for a tuxedo

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So I was looking to get a pair of tuxedo pants made for me to match the lapel of a zegna DJ I aquired and I am having a hard time trying to find a matching silk to make the stripe down the leg of the pants.  My tailor only really carries grosgrain and a very shinny satin that does not come close to matching the lapel.  I was wondering where one would go to find the right silk used or at least something close.


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Consult a tailor who uses tuxedo braid but I think you will be relying on luck of finding a match. Zegna probably has this made for them. Use a braided ribbon that will look intentionally different as a styling point if all else fails. Imagine the cloth of the trouser will be different form the jacket too.
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The jacket is purple so I am not to worried about matching the fabric, however just about every high end tuxedo I own has a very similar look to the lapel, be it canali, zegna ralph lauren etc.  I am trying to just find a high quality silk to use for these pants as well as so I can later get a shawl tux made with it as well.

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You find it at Tailor Supply Companies. Very few in the US carry very high end qualities due to low demand. Best sources are London and Italy. It's not an easy thing for me to find either. Some European sources won't ship small quantities and that poses another problem. Unless you find a local source that will sell to you by the yard you may have to buy a full roll or order hundreds of yards. That's the situation I've found when trying to source this. Sometimes I cut it from the silk used for the facings. The pure silk is pretty expensive these days. Could run you a couple hundred $'s to get what you need.

If you are having the trouser made why not leave it to the maker to provide the braid?
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