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Potential trip to Northampton UK ?

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With a bit of luck i should be staying about 30mins from Northampton this coming May, i've said to the wife i want to spend a day looking round the the Factory Shops in and around Northampton , can i still use the PDF file as a guide to the addresses and opening times for the shops ? I am particularly looking for the Alfred Sargent, Trickers and Crockett & Jones stores to browse , worst scenario if can't see anything to buy i can a least try some shoes on to see what i like for a future purchase online. Any advise would be appreciated.

factory-shoe-shop-directory.pdf 4483k .pdf file
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Sargent is not in Northampton town. Four or five are and are walkable. I have visited four - Churchs, C&J, Trickers & Lobb. Not sure if Edward Green has a proper factory shop.
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Thanks Kingstonian, sorry double post
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Thanks Kingstonian, will have the use of a car so should be able to get to the ones outside Northampton , do you know if the opening times on the link are still relevant ?
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Don't go with any hope of finding shoes and you'll have a good time.
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Originally Posted by Ich_Dien View Post

Don't go with any hope of finding shoes and you'll have a good time.


Seconded. I left empty-handed when I went up early last year but had a great day out (on foot) and picked up a couple of decent pieces in the city centre charity shops, instead.


Church's will most likely have the widest selection of shoes and boots; I've heard that they sell perfect 'left-overs' from big production runs in the factory shop so as to use up all the leather. Certainly, I found more models in my size there than anywhere else.

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Don't forget to visit the footwear collection at the Northampton museum (closed Mondays)
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You don't know how jealous I am of you. Never been by my gf knows when we do go across the pond I will disappear for a couple of days...shog[1].gif
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Thanks for the advise , i appreciate there is no guarantee of getting a pair of shoes bit like i said at least i will be able to try a few pairs on and this will give me an idea of what i like. My dream pair would be these Alfred Sargent Russell
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I most regularly drop by C & J and there is no doubt that I will be lucky one out of five or six trips, but it's all in the anticipation. They are open from 2pm on Fridays and the first hour is manic. However, if you ask the staff if they have anymore of your size they ordinarily ring down to the factory to see if others are to be brought up. Church will have the widest selection and volume and you can go to Edward Green with a pre arranged appointment.

A friend of mine wanted some C & J Chelsea 3 and asked if I'd drop in to see if they had any UK 8.5. No such luck for him but there was Tetbury black dainite sole and Ryton.

He went for Ryton at GB£180 great value!

At the very least you will have a most enjoyable day!
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Here is the photo I sent him to choose. Less than a minute and he decided. He was delighted.
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One day... Soon, it'll be my turn!
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