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Rlpl/edward green sale

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Another thread had mentioned a Ralph Lauren sale this week. I just left the Madison Ave. store here in Manhattan with a beautiful pair of dark oak antique Pitney RLPL/EG oxfords (the Pitney is basically the EG Dover), for 40% off. They retail for $850, which includes the shoe trees. They seemed to have a variety of sizes left in all the models. I was most intrigued by a pair of RLPL spectators they had - black calfskin/white suede. They were georgeous.
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Nice job. Were the ones you got on last 89?
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In the original post, it said that the sale officially begins on June 3rd -- do you know if it started today just in NYC, or all over?
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Phil, do you know if they take orders by phone?
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Would anyone happen to know the address of the Madison Ave store? What's the cross street? Thanks
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That's a great price on a great shoe. I saw the spectators when I was in the store in May (they're Cardiffs, aren't they?). Good-looking shoes, but I would have been happier if Ralph had ordered cognac instead of black for the colored leather. Kabert, if I remember correctly, the RLPL Dovers were on the 606 last. Dan, the store is at 888 Madison Avenue (Madison @ 71st St.). You can't miss it.
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the dovers I got are on the 606 last, with a double leather sole. I thought the sale started on the 3rd too, but I had to stop in to pick up some alterations. While I was there a guy mentioned the sale (there were no signs or discounted labels), and I asked if that included the shoes. 40% for the RLPL, 30% for the others. I was surprised they had alot of sizes left, but I guess I got lucky this time. I agree about the spectators, brown would have been even better.
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I went to the Beverly Hills shop (444 N. Rodeo) -- I was unimpressed by the selection of RLPL/EG shoes -- Only two styles available (both slip-on) -- It was fun to browse though.
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