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GT Handmade Leather specializes in the design manufacture and supply of products made ​​from leather such as cowhide, calf skin, sheep skin, ...
Of GT Handmade Leather includes:
- Leather briefcase.
Leather travel bag.
- Leather Fashion Bags.
- Other accessories: leather wallets; leather holster pocket for passport, tickets, business cards; holster for Laptop; arms; keychains; ....
Chiton is a product of the optimal choice for enterprises in the campaign:
- Prepare gifts for events, conferences, Enterprise anniversary, launched ....
- Advertising; affirmed own style and image of the Company; improve, deepen relationships with customers and partners; ...
- Reward staff, excellent management, ...
Customers can view products and order via website GT Handmade Leather or direct purchase at the store.
GT Handmade Leather loves hi-tech
With meticulous and delicate, tt Handmade Leather create products leather crafts to cherish, care for and protect your digital device such as leather case iphone, ipad, laptop briefcases & camera bag . With the slogan Leather loves hi-tech, mobile phones and any separate items of hardware you will have the vintage style dresses, high class is made ​​of 100% genuine leather. A clever combination between classic and modern.
GT Handmade Leather attention to small motifs to build buzz for the product, choose the type of leather is both thick to protect the software to create a sense of comfort when holding.
All products are manufactured entirely handmade from cut, perforated leather and sewing by hand. Handmade products using imported leather, sewing quality, meticulous each definition should each product completion time. All 5-year product warranty. Hopefully everyone will be satisfied when choosing a product made ​​with your ideas, your interests and become a product of exceptional value. GT Handmade Leather thanks all! 
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