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Suit Fitting

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Hi all,


I recently purchased 2 suits at a personal tailor in Hong Kong. However, no I'm back home, I'm not sure I like the shoulders. Are they too wide? The shoulder padding is pretty 'aggressive' I would say the least...


I will post pictures of my other suit, I believe the shoulders are even wider there...


Thanks for the comments!




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You say you bought these from a personal tailor? Were they custom? 
A hallmark sign of a good tailored suit would be little to non-existent shoulder padding. In your pic the shoulder padding is pocking out.
If you say you can feel the padding and it's 'aggressive' then it's No bueno.
A way to test this is to wear your suit and stand against a wall. If your padding touches the wall before your body does then they're too big.

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My non-expert opinion is the suit looks reasonable, shoulders are not obviously too large. BUT: post better pictures: hands out of pockets, front + back + sides. See this thread:
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agreed - very hard to comment on the basis of the picture provided

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Originally Posted by pnin22 View Post

.... BUT: post better pictures: hands out of pockets, front + back + sides. See this thread:


two other observations:

- there are some divots in your left shoulder; and
- i like the lenght of the trousers, but it will be too long by most people's standards here.
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I'll try to upload some more pictures after work today. Thanks for the comments already! I'm especially interested in the opinions on the shoulders. I didn't notice it when I was in HK, but now they seem a bit wide...

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The trousers can be hemmed by 2 cm, I agree that the shoulder padding is too thick thus causing the divots. Otherwise body and cut looks good.

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It is difficult to tell from this picture. You need to post front and rear views with your hands by your sides not in your pockets.

The trousers look too long and that strikes me as a greater fault than the shoulders thus far.
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