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Was in boston's neiman marcus today

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I checked out a Loro Piana by Martin Greenfield suit (black of course for my wedding ). Beautiful fabric for a Super 110s, canvas front of course. On sale for $746, which means I could have gotten it for around $650 by opening a card. But the shoulders were HUGE. A real roped shoulder that was also wide. Just wasn't my gig. They also had some canvas front Zegnas for just over $1100. Not a steal in my book, but not bad. Too rich for me though, since I can get the same thing at an outlet/Last Call for $800. Not really much else that I'd call a deal. They did have a nice selection of shirts, I guess, and some nice RLPL sportswear, if that's what your going for. But as for suits, the current sale in Boston seemed a bit weak. The salespeople were great, and the dressing rooms are of course very nice. When the sales guy noticed i didn't like the shoulders of the Loro Piana, he said, "I've got an idea." I knew he was going to bring me the Paul Smith that is on the NM website. So, not only is that not on sale, but it is what I'll call a Big Mac -- you know, it looks fantastic in the picture but like shit in person. A. Harris, I've gotta say that I thought the PS was WAY WORSE quality than the Boss suit I got at Bloomies for $385. The lapels were very "Jones NYish" . The fabric was really bad for a $1k suit -- not even very black. Really cheap looking. Pure garbage -- who buys that suit at that price point??? So, the search for a canvas front black suit under $600 or so goes on. I suspect I'll stay with the Boss, or else maybe head over to Aquascutum. They have a pretty cool black suit -- fused, but nice canvas lapels that seemed to roll pretty well. I'm hoping it's on sale -- retail is 600 and that's a bit high for what it is. Though I think it is better than the Boss probably. I'm gonna be at a Last Call in a month, so hopefully I'll have som luck there.
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When is your wedding? I am having a dinner suit made by Martin Greenfield through Kyle Taylor for my brother's wedding. I was really particular about the cut, fit, and details, and he made me a great offer, so I took it. He is a one man show though, so things take time, although he is reasonably good at answering emails.
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LA Guy, Tell me more. I love the VintageKyle stuff in his auctions and am in the market for a tux (I liked his shawl collar number). What is your take on the quality to expect from his work - if it is a fully-canvassed M. Greenfield MTM, what is a fair price to pay?
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