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Special offer!

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I have good news today for the Style Forum.  My boss has authorized me to make a special promotional offer of ready-to-wear Vass shoes to the members of the forum. Now for some shameless flattery - what better way to advertise the shoes than to get them onto the feet of stylish gentlemen such as yourselves?? I can take orders for the Budapest model. Here are some pictures of Budapests: The shoes come with custom shoe trees: They also come with Vass shoe bags. You can order the Budapest model in Black, Brown, or Cognac.  Retail for these shoes in the US is going to be between $750.00 and $900.00. The Style Forum promotional price is $479.00 plus $20.00 for shipping. Remember, these are bespoke quality, hand welted shoes. There are very few workshops in the world that make shoes this way and even fewer that make hand welted ready-to-wear shoes. Vass shoes will always be a very exclusive product. After all, there are less than 25 people involved in crafting the shoes.  Here are some pictures of various steps in the making process: Clicking Lasting Stitching the welt Stitching the sole Building the heel Finished welt before the sole is added - notice that the feather is cut into the insole rather than being glued on. This offer will only be good until the first Vass shoes arrive in retail stores. We have our first order already - the shoes (a different style) will arrive at Fairfield Clothiers in Fairfield CT in mid-December. At that point the promotion will end. Budapest shoemakers and the Budapest model have been famous since the epoch of the Austro-Hungarian empire, almost a century ago. The Budapest is a true classic. It is not out of place in the classic wardrobe and yet it is just different enough that designers are always mimicking the toe shape (John Varvatos is a recent example.) Also, it is the rare shoe that is stylish while having a lot of room in the toe-box. All in all the Budapest is very unique and very versatile shoe. It wasn't my favorite when I first saw it in pictures. But that changed dramatically when I saw it in person. It is now my favorite shoe in the Vass line. I wear my Budapests with just about everything - from jeans to my more casual suits.  I think you will like them. If you would like to order a pair contact me at: I can assist you with sizing information. Depending on when you order, the shoes should arrive mid-to-late December or mid-to-late January. If you are new to the forum and haven't read my previous posts about Vass shoes you can link to them below. They include pictures and details about the making process: Post 1 Post 2 Now for more Vass news: Vass has developed some new models that are stylistically much closer to Cleverley and Berluti. They are incredible as I'm sure you will agree: Now I am going to need your help. The above shoes are prototypes. We are trying to determine which of these models will sell the best. So, do you like them, and if so, which model do you like the best?? When they arrive in stores these models will include the very cool three-piece shoe tree and the beveled sole will be finished with a "half black" finish like Edward Green.   I am hoping to reward your responses by making a promotional offer of one of these new models to the Style Forum. I can't guarantee it yet but we are going to try. I must warn you - they will be substantially more expensive than the Budapest model as they involve more work to produce. In Budapest these models are selling for TWICE as much as the basic models.   And in conclusion I will do some shameless name dropping. Both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone own Vass shoes. Helmut Kohl and  George Soros are also customers. And Ciro Paone himself has visited the workshop. But I think ya'll will do your Budapests more justice than any of those gentlemen, except maybe for Mr. Paone :-)
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Hello A.Harris, My that is quite a generous offer. The unfortuante fact is that I am not particulary fond of that specific model. Now as to the other prototypes I find quite pleasing. My personal favorite is the wingtip, and also the third from left. The deisgn reminds me of the Berluti Tatoue. The second pair is similar to the Espirit de la Couture line. All in all very beautiful creations.
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Many of you read my post complaining of the lack of quality shoes in my closet earlier this year. Plus the shoes I had that considered to be of decent quality hurt my feet. With the help of several people here on the Forum, I've upgraded my footwear significantly, and I'd have to say my favorite shoes are the ready made Vasses I got back in June. I've posted pictures below for anyone who's interested in seeing what mine look like. The photos didn't come out as well on the Alt Weins, but they are my favorite pair of shoes. Beautiful cordovan color, versatile enough to wear with a suit, sport coat, or jeans. The Norwegians are nice, too, just not quite as versatile. My Vasses are hands down the most comfortable leather soled shoes I've ever worn. In fact, they even rival my less than distinctively styled, but very cushy Terra Planas for comfort. I highly recommend them. On the prototypes I like the two light colored models.
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of the prototypes i like third one from the left the best. mr. harris, your offer sounds good but i've realized that i don't care for that style of shoe in person. a few weeks ago i wanted some semi-brogues that i saw in the tyrwhitt catalog, but after seeing similar styles in stores, i've concluded the look is a bit too conservative for my taste. (i know the budepest is different, but similar.) steve, those are handsome looking shoes. (i'm refering to the split-toe model that looks brown on my screen.) i was questioning your taste after the terra plana recommendation, but you've redeemed yourself.
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The two shoes on the right are the most aesthetically pleasing to my eye. I also like the burgundy wing-tip brogue.
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As much as I'd love to take you up on the very, very genrous offer, I've been on a shoe-buying spree recently, and there's no way my shoe budget can stretch any further. I will, however, keep the offer in mind for when I get my tax return back in November...   Of the 4-shoe photo you posted, I like the two on the right - especially the shoe with the medallion detailing. Is there a wholecut version of that one? I'm very much in favor of the bal over the blucher when it comes to dressy shoes. I also like the wingtip - the slightly pointed, chiselled toe is very appealing, as it is on the other models - and Steve's brown split-toe. Are Vass considering a ready-to-wear spectator, or are they custom-order only?
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I like all of the shoes, but if I were buying, I would be most likely to get the medallion-tip plain toe bal or the moc-toe blucher. I'm not really good at predicting what others would want, but the wingtip bal and the cap toe blucher are certainly less unusual and more standard looking. I'm not sure if that would make people more willing to buy them or if they would be more willing to complain that they don't see why a pair of ordinary wingtips should cost $1500 or $1800. Take it for watever it's worth (probably not much)... I think that all of the cognac shoes would benefit from having lighter (ie, brown rather than black) sole staining. Of course, who am I kidding? They're beautiful shoes just as they are.
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The offer is going well . Thanks for your orders guys. We have decided to offer one of the new models as well. The medallion-tip shoe in cognac as pictured seems to be the most popular: So I think that it would be the best one to take orders for. If you want to make a case for a different style speak up now. This shoe has the same beveled "bootmaker" sole (as John Lobb calls it) that you see pictured below on the wingtip: The sole pictured is not finished. They can be done with a high-gloss finish or a "half black" finish like Edward Green. This model is done on the same chisel-toe last as the wingtip and comes with the three-piece shoe tree. There is also a lot more work that goes into the polishing of the shoe in comparison with the standard models. Retail on this model is going to be at least $1250, probably more. The Style Forum promotional price is $779 plus $20 shipping. If you are interested contact me at: Remember, this offer is only good until the first Vass shoes arrive in US retail stores - likely early or mid December.
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Mr Harris> I think the medallion-tip shoe in cognac is gorgeous. If I have something very similar bespoke at Vass in Budapest, is it going to cost around USD500 as well? I have never thought of going to Budapest for a holiday I joined this forum...
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For a standard model the bespoke shoes cost about 50-60% more than the ready-to-wear shoes (in Budapest.) The new models cost twice as much as the least expensive ready to wear, so I would guess the cost for bespoke shoes could be close to $1000, maybe more. I cannot say for sure yet as I have not asked Vass about it. I'll see what I can find out.
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Thanks Mr Harris. Please keep me informed.
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This offer will only be good until the first Vass shoes arrive in retail stores. We have our first order already - the shoes (a different style) will arrive at Fairfield Clothiers in Fairfield CT in mid-December. At that point the promotion will end.
So what style did Fairfield Clothiers order? Bringing Vass shoes into your store but not the Budapest model seems a little like Bringing Lobb shoes into your store but not the William model.
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So what style did Fairfield Clothiers order? Bringing Vass shoes into your store but not the Budapest model seems a little like Bringing Lobb shoes into your store but not the William model.
I see your point jcusey. Unfortunately, most American men do not share your excellent taste in shoes. Fairfield is going to start with just one style and my boss thought that it might be better to start with something less distinctive. So they are going to try a Budapest model (wingtip) but on the Laszlo last. The Laszlo last is my second favorite next to the Budapest last. It makes for a very custom-looking shoe. The two shoes that Steve ordered (pictured above) were made on the Laszlo last.
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There have been some questions as to what the new shoes are named: The new last is called the "U" last. From left to right the models are called: "Derby" "Slipper" "Oxford Medallion" "Old English" The wingtip is called the "Oxford Budapest." And there is a cap-toe shoe with a medallion called the "Old English Medallion." They aren't glamorous names but they do make ordering easier. I appreciate all the interest so far. The first order is set to go out tomorrow. The offer is still open, I can continue to take orders until mid-December.
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