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Very Confused

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Hey there people I got a measuring question that seems to place me in a stupor every time.I'm trying to learn how to size a blazer. I understand how to take measurements but the measurements I take don't add up, for example, have a blazer that is a 58 long but when I measure the length it only comes to about 36 inches. So where does the number 58 come from? I would really appreciate any help I can get.Thank you.

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Chest measurement
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You don't need to measure anything or be concerned with a number.Try on jackets and just see what fits and go by feel.You must be pretty big and over 6'3" because that length is an XTall for a sportcoat.

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it's generally related to chest measurement, but I do mean generally. Each brand has an 'ideal' model in mind for their body shape so the same 1 measurement size categorization (ok 2 if you add S and L) is a very vague way of fitting on a suit.
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