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High school = no style!

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So in my high school everything is gay if only couple people wear it!  PEACOATS gay, SCARVES gay, BLAZERS gay.......  Okay the other day this was my outfit, white v neck,black blazer,dark gray scarf,dark blue jeans with black chucks.  I thought it looked good but people said it was gay cause no one wears it like this... WAIT let me tell you what they wear, aeropostle,hollister,abercomie AND BAGGY ASS SHIT.  I like my clothes ill keep wearing them and i dont care about their opinons!  I just wanna know how is your high school? is it like this? like this dumb with no style and everyone wears same clothes?

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lmaoooooo im confused

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Not in high school haven't been for quite a few years, but your sense of style is beyond your years. High school kids will dress in whatever clothing the mall sells and is "popular" at that moment. Self style and real identity haven't developed yet. Do what you gotta do and be your own person.
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The second you go to college that'll all change. Today I decided to wear a scarf and my new blazer for the first time on campus(it's in Texas so it rarely ever gets cold) and I ended up getting quite a few compliments.

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Only guys think its gay. Girls dig it if you're doing it right. 

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You obviously care enough to make this post which is typical for you teenie boppers. What you wore is pretty boring too, you look like a mannequin straight outta H&M
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Your peers don't neccessarily have no style, they just have a different style. People really should be more accepting of other peoples sense of style. Don't try to judge your peers too harshly and if they try to make fun of your sense of style let it go, it's not worth worrying about. You seem to have established a great sense of style, wear your outfits with confidence and people will respect you.

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I think inter-group comparisons are pretty extreme at school, perhaps more so than in some jobs.




You must never concern yourself with critics. That's what they wish for- to make you as unhappy as they are. The best revenge is living well. — Ricky Gervais
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