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doubling up socks

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I got some new thin dress socks, and my shoes seem a little too big now, and my feet are not as comfortable as they were in my older socks (which really were not legit dress socks).  Is it OK for me to double-layer my socks and to put the thicker non-dressy socks inside the dress socks?  When I wear them it seems comfortable, and the dress socks do not look strange with the other sock inside it.

Does anyone here do this?  Is there something inherently wrong with me doubling up a sock?

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Doubling up socks is something that should be saved for hiking in cold weather - don't do it with a pair of dress shoes or socks.

Always wear your thinnest socks when you are going to try on dress shoes. To me it sounds as if your shoes are too big and you'd be better served by changing them or putting an insole in there.
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Personally, I love doubling up socks for chilly weather.

Everyone has a pair of shoes that 'stretched' over time and is a little loose.

That is a perfect pair for freezing weather where there is no snow - the extra room will accommodate two pairs of socks easily and you'll be toasty all day.

I usually do a ratty old pair of mid-calf socks as the first layer, topped off with a nice pair of over the calf gold toe mercerized cotton socks.

Your feet will thank you.
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You can get wool dress socks in varying weights, and cashmere dress socks are always very nice in cold weather.
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Check out Smartwool.
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Wear one pair of socks and put tongue pads in your shoes.
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