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Bespoke Pants/Shirts

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Hi guys.


I just moved to Toronto and thought I would do some research on bespoke trousers. I have fairly large athletic thighs which prevents me from buying most pants. Thus, I decided to look at bespoke. I talked to a company here in Toronto called Green Shag, and they quoted me $525 for pants, and $325 for shirts + 13% tax which comes to almost $600 for pants. Is that the norm? I really wasn't expecting THAT much. I think the shirt price is fair but there are so many options for shirts and less for shirts obviously.


Thanks guys,


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Those prices do not seem unreasonable for true bespoke made in the US or Canada. The bigger question is whether or not you really need true bespoke trousers. You could get very nice MTM trousers by Samuelsohn or Coppley at Harry Rosen for less.

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325 dollars for a bespoke shirt is not unreasonable, even if it always depends also on the fabric you choose. you can also find a quality bespoke shirt with a very good fabric at a lower price!

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I suggest you go to see Adriana at Nanelli Clothing, 750 Oakdale Road in Weston. (Not easy to get to without a car.)

All they make is trousers. They have some bolts of cloth, but if you're picky I suggest you bring cloth with you. (Most fabric stores sell small bolts of fabric, called "pants lengths", I think.)

Bring your favourite or best-fitting pair of trousers, or be ready to make lots of decisions about what you want.

She charges a little over $100 per pair, more or less depending on fabric and features.

Highly recommended.
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