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It is right beside the media closet so plenty deep. I can't imagine he had a problem but I guess I'll find out when I crank it to 11.


Anyone know what the hell this is?





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You can't throw rocks at my house, then put your TV above the fireplace.

Overall, I think it's a cool setup, hard to ignore in-wall speakers, aside from the sub, as being a pretty nice setup. The wire running is pretty awesome as well, especially if most of it ends up completely hidden.

Take out the shelving if you like, but I think it would be better yet floor to ceiling shelving/bookcases.

I think it's owed to a modern install not to have the tchotchke area above the fireplace, would be better just flush.
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Yeah, I know. And my wife is not too happy. This is the only time in our lives we've had a TV in the LR, but such is life in the big city.


The only other option is a smallish bedroom where the TV/movie watching experience would be less than ideal.


We're going to try it out and see how we go.


What do you think about ripping out the built-in cabinets? Looks like melamine with a corian/cesar stone top. Now that I've added colour they look like shit and I would love to recover that lost floor and wall space.


The chimney just has the first of four coats on in that pic. Colour is much darker and I am painting the stone surround in a high gloss black until I figure out what I want for a mantle. 



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So there is a facade for the fireplace?

If you did not need the extra room my thoughts are - floor to ceiling bookcases in white lacquer or dark wood. But if you do need the extra room, it would not be heartbreaking in the least to see those little shelves tossed out.

If you do layout the living room around a TV above the fireplace I can't see actually needing that particular space. Since you will be facing in that direction.

Also, if you just simply don't want to look at them, I see no harm in removing them.
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Facade? Yeah the grey stone is cemented on. That's what I'll paint black. And the baseboard around the FP will be blue. Should have removed the BB to have the volume of chimney just rise from the floor as a block. Oh well.


I don't want to look at them, but maybe once they're filled with books they may not be too bad. I will either put two large buddhas on each side of the FP or hang large art. Love to be able to paint them, but painter doesn't think they will take it and just peel. 



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Oh, I see. I like that the same color as the fireplace. The baseboard is redundant around the FP, maybe paint it the color of the FP if you have little interest in keeping it.

I'm building a shorter version of the same BB for my stairwell at the moment. And the remainder of the house when I can convince my fiancé of it.
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I remember. These floors are pretty level so the BB sits flush with no shoe moulding. That looks best with these simple BBs. If your floors are older and a little wonky raise the BB 1/8" off the floor to create a small shadow space. It hides a lot of imperfections.



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I very much dislike shoe moulding, i'll keep that in mind. I was kicking around the idea of doing moulding-less with a reveal, but landed on this. If redo the moulding on the first floor it will be part of a lot of other work, so the floors will be flat when it's done if they are not now.
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