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Promenade. Black suit, black shirt and...

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I hope, that wasn't topic like this. I was searching and I didin't find so...


I'm going to gathering of my high school students and I've got black close-fitting suit, black shirt and i have no idea what about tie.

I've been wondering about of course also black tie or graphite one alternately white. Maybe black tie and white handkerchief look good. I like dark colours, but it won't be some kind of faux pas? 


Thank you in advance and excuse me bad english ; ) 

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I've seen guys wearing a black suit, shirt and tie before.  I did it once, but it was an all-black event and it was really, really hard to pull off.  If you have a choice you might look at a different shirt/tie combo, or try it on with no tie and an open collar with a nice pocket square. 


I would be careful with the white tie idea.  It may look like you are in the chorus of a Guys and Dolls production.   


Good luck with your choice- the most important thing is to be authentic and to feel comfortable in what you are wearing.  

*Edit- I forgot this was for a Prom.  Wear a tie, no open collar.  White shirt would be best.  If you don't have one this is a good opportunity.  When I was in HS the prom was always Black Tie, not semi-formal, but if you're wearing a black suit I'd go for a white shirt.

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Please never ever wear a black shirt.

Black suits almost never look good either. They can work at night, but you have to work really hard to not look like a waiter.
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Holy shit is that what prom actually stands for?! Ya learn something new everyday


Also dont wear a black shirt. They're typically pretty awful and the best case scenario is that you'll look very "Johnny Cash", and thats not really a good thing.


Black suits are also pretty non-versatile but I think prom is certainly an occasion where it would work. Id recommend wearing a brighter tie, possibly a brighter paisley or floral pattern, as I find myself feeling funereal even when Im just wearing black trousers.

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Its prom, don't overdo it.

My standard advice for prom with black suit:

1. White pocket square
2. White shirt
3. Black tie

It keeps everything balanced.
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I actually like Johnny Cash, so... ; )


The problem is that I don't have any white shirt (a lot of casual, but non of them suit to suit [?] ), of course I could buy one, but I've been looking the black for few days, and i need it tomorrow ; /

I was thinking a little bit today, after read your advices and some of you wrote that it can work. Party is at night and i don't want to look like waiter or Cash. What you think about black suit and shirt and grey tie with grey handkerchief. Maybe a little bit sepulchar, but... what you think ?

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Yet another prom thread - there are plenty here and this subject is not new.

It is a prom and so some of the decencies can be suspended. Whilst I would not normally encourage the all black look or the black suit/short, costume on such occasions can be excused. Just remember that for other than the prom a white or coloured shirt should be worn.
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Thank you all, I really appreciate your opinions and  I hope that I won't look ridiculously or too gloomily. 

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Originally Posted by kajtek610 View Post

Thank you all, I really appreciate your opinions and  I hope that I won't look ridiculously or too gloomily. 

Good luck- enjoy your night!

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