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UK and EU Customers: Best shipping method(s)?

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Hey guys,

As we prepare to launch eHaberdasher here in the UK in the next week or two, we wanted to gather your opinions and insights regarding shipping methods/carriers? There are SO many choices/options out there... in the states it's basically Postal Service, Fedex or UPS...

Thanks in advance!
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Anyone care to chime in? Would greatly appreciate insights.
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Royal Mail. Period.
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Within the UK, Royal Mail Special Delivery is the best IMO, largely because it's easy to collect from a local depot or Post Office if you're not in, don't have/want to use a work address and keep irregular at home so don't want to faff around with redelivery. This might just be a quirk of where the nearest depots of RM vs the couriers happen to be in my area, of course.


Plus, automatic cover up to £500 and you can purchase a higher limit at relatively low cost too. Filing a claim is a bit of a palaver, though (had to do it once and they took many months to resolve it. It was an open & shut case, too).

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Thanks for the feedback, and certainly makes sense especially regarding the collection aspect.
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From where would you be shipping?
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I would agree with Holdfast here.


As I live in Norway, I would prefer royal mail for most items and with an option for express shipping by courier (DHL or the likes).


The latter (esp. DHL) incurs some ridiculous extra charges for me in addition to the VAT but at the same time they are often 3-4 times as fast as Royal Mail. Royal Mail has the advantage that you can pick it up at your local post office and that you don't need to be around just for the delivery.

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Originally Posted by HansderHund View Post

From where would you be shipping?

We would be shipping from London.
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With in the EU I'm not sure it makes a huge difference. Who is offering you the best deal?
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I've never had any problems with Royal Mail, delivery to Sweden from the UK tends to take 2-3 days, I once had a package delivered to my post office 28 hours after placing the order. Got no clue when it comes to courier services, never seen the need for them as Royal Mail is so consistent.
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Royal Mail next day is the best within the uk, particularly to Northern Ireland, of the carriers Dhl are also great in my experience
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Thank you everyone for your input. Looks like Royal Mail it is!
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I look forward to your UK-based operation. I've been idly thinking about experimenting as to the fit of your Benjamin suits/trousers as while I generally get bespoke these days, there are one or two items I'd like for summer that I don't want to pay bespoke prices for in order to fill that niche or two. International returns are always a pain in the backside though, if the fit didn't work out, and I don't want to get hit by import duties either, so a UK-based operation would probably be the tipping point to give them a go.


Anyway, good luck with it all!

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Don't leave out Ireland.
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Royal Mail in the UK, but not standard stuff, only special delivery - standard Royal Mail can be inefficient.


For UK customers special delivery has the added benefit of being 24 hour.

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