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First Suit - Does it Fit?

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I'm new to the forums but was hoping to get some feedback from the members here.It's an off the rack Calvin Klein 40R from my local department store and it is my first suit. The employee who helped pick it out for me admittedly wasn't an expert but she was patient and we tried on a number suits. She said this one fit best so I went with it. It feels a little tight around the shoulders and the chest seems to pop a little bit instead of laying flat. I tried to show it in the picture.


I'm 5'10 and weigh about 185 to 190lbs


Sorry in advance for the bright yellow head and the poor quality of the pictures. (I'm a little self conscious about how I look.)


Does it fit or do I look ridiculous? 


Edit: Pictures removed, getting better quality. Will update tomorrow and bump.

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No replies so far... Perhaps you should follow the guidelines and, at the very least, take full length pictures.  A shirt, dress shoes and a background that makes the suit stand out will help.


In any case, you seem to have an athletic build.  Something is fishy around the neck area.

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Thanks for trying with what you have. I'm sorry about the quality as its difficult to take photos of yourself. What I will do is edit the pictures and bump it tomorrow when I get better pictures.


Thanks again!

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When putting up a 2 button suit, just button up the top one. Use a dress shirt and take pics with shoes and pants on. There´s something definatly off with this suit but it may be because of your complexion.

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