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We have a pretty average, mid-range convertible loveseat and sofa in our family room that are in perfectly good working order, are very comfortable, and suit our needs pretty well. The problem is that we have poorly trained dogs who are occasionally prone to marking and the corners of these sofas are a favorite spot. The sofas are also a pretty loud red that I'd love to tone down a few notches.

I have considered buying some semi-custom slipcovers from the web, which can be had in the range of $400/apiece - significantly cheaper than buying new furniture, and would have the added functionality of being washable.

I am a little sensitive to creating too sloppy or casual a look, however, hence my desire for a relatively tailored fit.

Anyone have any thoughts, suggestions, positive or negative slipcover experiences to share, services to recommend, etc?
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Consider clear plastic, It'll give your house a nice 'Italian Grandmother' feel to it.
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Douglas if I recall correctly you travel a fair bit for work. Maybe pick something up that has some personality next time you travel. It'd probably be less than $400 too.
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