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My Custom Horn Frames - Meteor/Custom Eye Works

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Hi all, thought I'd share my experience with Meteor Eyewear.

I came across MJ's website (the man behind Meteor) through google (he since has a new website) emailed him to get an idea of the cost. I was surprised to hear the price was only $375 (and he split shipping with me) so I thought no harm in giving it a go. MJ is an American but he is based in China where his workshop is.

The whole process took a few months of emailing back and forth between MJ and myself as there was a bit of a dropout in communication (nobody's fault in particular). Once we settled on a design and I gave him my PD measurement and a photo of face, he was able to do up a mock on the computer and do adjustments as needed. He was very flexible with design and was able to give guidance as I requested.

He has several types of horn available and he sent me photos of 8 or 9 blocks of horn to let me pick the one I wanted.

The frame came and fit spot on to what the mockup indicated. As my brother works casually at a optical store, I sent the glasses to him to have the lenses installed. He had the glasses sent to Hoya to have lenses cut and installed. Unfortunately, the frame was broken close to the bridge as they tried to install the left lens. To cut a long story short, Hoya flat out refused to compensate (but gave me the lenses) and my brother was going to pay me back out of his own pocket.

I emailed MJ to tell him what happened and asked him if he could remake another pair for me. To my surprise (again), he basically told me he would remake the front for me (reuse the temple pieces), and install the lenses too and refused to take payment for it. I don't think I have ever experienced customer service like that. So I sent the glasses back and he remade them for me. Following a shipping snafu by the courier, I finally have the finished product and boy, I am stoked with how the glasses turned out: the fit, quality of horn (of which I am no expert), construction, and hinges etc especially at $375.

I am in no way affiliated with Meteor Eyewear etc. but am just a very satisfied customer. MJ can be reached at meteoreyewear (at) Hope somebody finds this useful.
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Nice write-up. (I didn't read the whole thing)
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Very interesting, love the glasses, the site seems to be a bit glitchy though, could just be the adobe flash.

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Great to hear that you've got the completed glasses, and I look forward to having a chat about them the next time we catch up in town!
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