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Moccasins/Drivers-for casual wear and walking?

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Recently I was a little disappointed to discover that a majority opinion on Driving Loafers seems to be that if you aren't driving with them, don't buy them, as from the little I've read they are very uncomfortable and poor for wearing as a casual everyday shoe. I thought I'd ask here, do people agree with this? 

I'm aware that this is down to the sole more than anything, but then I found these,$ja=kw:ferragamo+calfskin+moccasins|cgn:690-10004-0026831109%7c%7cferragamo+calfskin+moccasins|cgid:5185344999|tsid:35134|cn:Search%7c%7cShoes%7c%7cProduct|cid:96156759|lid:40731686799|mt:Exact|nw:search|crid:15830323839&gclid=COurjJ245bQCFSTLtAod9X8AVQ 

(Apologies that image isn't placed in thread). Will these shoes present the same problem, I thought the sole seemed a little different from regular drivers? 

Any help would be much appreciated =]

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When I see a man in a suit with drivers I go a little bit more insane. I think the look is worse than the UGGs phenomenon.
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If you want a more regular rubber sole just get one of the driving loafers at allen edmonds. I think most of the comfort issue is with pebble style soles that you see with Tod's. 


Plus the ferragomo that you linked, the front is not protected by rubber so there's a good chance that the leather there will get damaged especially if you drive a manual and you love to heel n toe :) My pair is damaged at the front so I'll have to switch back to a pair one where the front bit is protected.


I carry an extra pair of shoes in the car so I don't really walk around with my driving shoes unless i'm just stopping by real quick to pick up something.

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There are loads of options for driving mocs with a more robust sole than say Tods. I still wouldn't go hiking the Himalayas in them but for.a Summer Sunday going to the diner, the boardwalk, the park, or on holiday strolling the resort or whatever, they are fine.

I've never seen them worn with a suit in the wild but that sounds crap, unless it was a totally casual unlined linen suit. With linen strides and a short sleeved or polo shirt they will look fine.
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