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Yall are crazy hand washing your shirts. Just put them in the wash. And warm vs cold is extremely unlikely to make any difference.

Hang dry them--the dryer is terrible for them. It's a combination of the heat and all the friction. All that lint that comes out of the dryer? That's part of your clothes that has come off due to the friction.
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Here's the Kabbaz method, which works well for me:

Handwashing shirts would take forever. Just use a decent washing machine.
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I do the Man Of Lint method on my shirts only I starch my collars. I also agree with aravenel that handwashing most shirts is a needless process. I used to handwash all of my shirts and just tired myself out doing it.

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I elect to hand wash my shirts because it just makes me feel better. Certainly the necessity of it can be debated but to each his own.
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I usually hand wash a very prized brand-new shirt a couple of times and then it ends up in the front loader on gentle cycle with the rest when the novelty wears off.

I hang them dry and last week used my trusty Reliable to iron some shirts while they were still damp. They haven't looked that good since they were taken out of the box.
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Follow the same procedures as Man of Lint and Swede66 for laundering shirts. I also use the method provided by one SF thread to treat tough collar stains and it works like magic (involved soaking shirts in vinegar then in oxyclean for a day). If you use newer laundry machines set to a gentle cycle, the front loading ones, there's no need to hand wash shirts.

I tried that on a bunch of shirts and got OK results, although it ruined all my MoP buttons. I found a better way is to mix white vinegar and water 1:1 in a dish and wipe/dab the area with a cloth or sponge, then straight in the washing machine with a dose of Sard Oxy Clean stuff. They come out looking like new.

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