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For Sale:
Howard Yount Pants: 4 Pairs size 34

Will Ship To: CONUS

For sale is 5 4 pairs of Howard Yount pants. All are size 34 and I wore them sparingly for 3 months until a new training program forced me to size up to a 36 in all styles. None have been worn more than 10 times. Colors are and fabrics are as follows:

1. Medium Brown Twill 4 season Wool - Sold
2. Medium Gray Tropical Wool - Sold
3. Birdseye Brown Tropical Wool - Sold
4. Sand Brown Tropical Wool
5. Dark Gray/Charcoal Tropical Wool

All have been hemmed to 31.75" with 1.75" cuffs and waists range from 33.5 -34 but nothing has been removed from the length or waist, all fabric is still there. Pants also include a thin silicon line on the creases to keep them crisp but this can be removed before shipping if requested. Size chart is posted in the Photos. Photos are also in order that they are listed. Colors should be very accurate. Tropical Wool fabric description can be found here:

Price is $120 individually but for 2 pairs will sell for $110 each. Price includes shipping and a dry clean (if wanted). Any questions or need more photos, please ask.
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