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Boot Sizes

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Hi there, i'm looking at picking up a pair of Men's Katahdin Iron Works Engineer Boots from LL Bean.
My (Brannock measured) shoe size is a 9.5 E+(Meaning a little larger than an E). Unfortunately they only offer widths EE and D in the bean boots I want. 

If I go 9.5EE will the extra width be a big issue? If it will be, what size should I go for, or are there another pair of recommended boots that would look similar but have a better fit for me? (I live in Canada, so something I could check out in a store would be best)


Thank you,

- Mat

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You might want to check out SWD and ask there. There is a thread dedicated to these boots and alternative ones. Good info over there.
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Thanks! but what is SWD?
EDIT: OH i think streetwear and denim!

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Yup, you got it
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