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Borelli shoes?????

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I have these Borelli dress shoes

the tongue says:

Made in Italy    9      M

Leather Upper and Lining

Man Made Sole 374-203


I am trying to sell these but i don't know what they are worth if they are even worth anything.

they are really nice shoes and I only wore them once











If you can give me some information on these dress shoes it would be greatly appreciated

Thanks and God Bless

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They arent worth anything. Glued rubber.

No association with Luigi Borrelli
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The famous Neapolitan shirtmaker Luigi Borrelli spells his name with two 'R'.
"Borelli" (with a single 'R') is a brand of the German shoe discounter Deichmann.

Borrelli and Borelli move in totally different spheres.


I have no idea, whether the similarity of the names is just coincidental or an attempt
to cash-in on the Neapolitan firm.
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Save them for inclement weather.
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