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Originally Posted by Moloch38 View Post

I think that is an amazing look I would like to have the opportunity to pull off.

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Seriously? I wouldn't recommend it. White dinner jackets are supposed to be for warm-weather events in warm or tropical climates. He is in NYC with snow on the ground. I think he is wearing penny loafers too. I also don't like the black vest peaking through the jacket. I think a cummerbund would have looked better. As for the lapel, I hope the reason I can't see one on the one side is simply poor photo quality.


I hope you at least plan on wearing the white dinner jacket in the appropriate setting.

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The lapel is there, just tilt your monitor. It's not a vest, it's a scarf.

But yes, the white dj is inappropriate, as are the shoes and the watch.
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Yeah... Not a good look.
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wearing that in the winter is not the best look but it has a nice lapel size and is a nice least though the body.  The sleeves look way short to me it only sort of looks right because he has a watch but it looks like the sleeve of his shirt stops above his watch and the jacket is shorter.

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Not the way I would wear it.


But the basic idea is there; ivory shawl lapel jacket and midnight blue trousers with presumably white braces.


In the heat of summer would be the proper setting for me and without the black scarf and watch. I do wear what appears to be the same shirt, or a fly front turndown collar of fine cotton poplin or silk. So, I like that. Clean, white, and no studs.


A DB shawl is preferable, since no cummerbund is required, assuming you have had it cut so you can actually enjoy sitting down with the jacket fully buttoned. His jacket is a bit short for a SB shawl, or so it appears in camera.


I personally like the idea of black tassel loafers with the rig since it is summer, but that's just me. I hate the look of patent leather and always have. It just looks cheap to me.Highly burnished calfskin is the look I prefer. Penny loafers seem to work for him, since they are relatively sleek looking and not Weejun like.

Horses for courses.

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I have a midnight blue Kiton tux that I have yet to find the opportunity to wear. Of course, before I purchased it, I had invited that I had to turn down because I did not have a tux. Murphy's law...
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I'm not saying to wear in the winter, but a ivory DJ with midnight blue pants.  Its a black scarf he's wearing.  Agree on the watch. No beuno, but he is wearing a cumberbund in the other photos.

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Midnight blue color is far good as compare to black, I am a fan of wearing midnight blue tuxedo. It looks blacker than black and also add different colors in your personality with impact of light, you'll see Daniel Craig tuxedo in Macau in his recent movie was also giving a brown color as well as dark green color. here you can see 


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To reopen this...

Any opinions on satin color for a midnight navy tuxedo? Black or midnight navy to match the rest of the tuxedo?
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I think it's more 'classic' for the facings to be black, even with a midnight blue tux.  But based on pictures (I don't own a black tie rig), I prefer the facings in the same color as the jacket.


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Black velvet or sharkskin
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