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Travelteq Travel Jacket

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Has anyone experience (fit, material, overall quality...) with the newly arrived travel jackets of the Dutch company Travelteq



Thanks for sharing!

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I've had mine for a couple weeks after originally ordering it in May 2012. The long wait was partially Travelteq's fault, partially my own. I participated in the pre-order, which was supposed to arrive in October. Ended up really arriving in December, and then it's taken another iteration back and forth to The Netherlands to get the size right.

As far as fit: they definitely run small as compared to US sizes. I wear a 38R suit jacket and I found that the L in TravelTeq fits me well. Perhaps a M would too, but the shoulders were the weakest link - they are much more narrow as compared to any other American-style cut jacket I've had. You can generally convert the centimeters on their size chart to inches, and then reverse engineer from a well-fitting jacket you already own. For me, the L provides similar shoulder width as a 38R blazer, with slightly longer sleeves and slightly more room in the torso. I prefer a cropped fit in everything, and I'm definitely not swimming in this jacket like I would be in an American garment sized L.

The material is very nice, better than any other nylon item I've ever owned, including Jack Spade bags and The North Face coats. It's soft and almost silky, and wrinkles come out naturally after having it on or hanging. The color is also a great shade of Navy. It is a very versatile jacket... I prefer the 'casual' side as opposed to the blazer, but you could definitely get away with wearing it at a dinner. My thought was that it would be great for around airports and city excursions, when you spend all day out and about. It goes well with jeans as well as slacks. The problem is that since originally ordering it in May I've switched jobs and bought another nice casual jacket in the meantime... so I'm not sure I will get much use out of this! So there may be a size L travel jacket for sale soon.
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