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FreshNeck -- the "Netflix of ties"...

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Would you really rent-a-tie?

Interesting idea, but not something I would do. I'd put the monthly fee toward buying ties. I would not want a tie on my neck that has made the rounds, even though they are "sanitized." Reminds me of shoes you rent at the bowling alley.
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I must say they have some really nice items on the site. I think it's a cool idea. I'd want to be in at the Platinum level, but can't see myself paying $55 per month for that plan option.
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from disposable razor blades to now ties?  what's next?  rent a girlfriend? oh wait...

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Are these the guys who were on "Shark Tank" earlier this season?
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Root Bizzle is similar - one tie per month for $25 - but you get to keep the ties. 

In general though its great to see that there is an emerging market for buying neckties online - previously it was so hard to do - and now with the decline of brick and mortar menswear stores, this trend will only continue. 

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Their collection smacks of "The Sopranos" junior varsity.
post #7 of 8 has decent quality ties, and all their ties are $15.  They aren't great, and they have some really ugly ones, but they have some nice looking ones.  I bought them for my groomsmen, and they are a phenomenal value.  You'd pay $35 or $45 for their ties in a department store, I'd estimate.  Good selection of designs, colours, and materials (none of which are poly).  If you're after cheap ties, seems a much better deal to me.

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