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Looks like Solito is ready to try NYC again, domestic crises having passed. Can anyone compare his work to that of any of the other Neapolitans we might know of?
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I can't give you the technical tailoring answer that you may be looking for, but I have experience with Solito, Mina, and Rubinacci.

I like the 2 things that I have gotten completed (and delivered, more importantly) from Solito. Happy with those results, I placed a follow up order...2 or 3 years ago (I can't remember anymore), but those have yet to be completed. Candidly, I have really given up on ever getting those and have written them off in my mind. The other issue is he just does the jackets; Ambrosi does the trousers. That means two elusive tailors to track down for one suit. I may end up getting the Solito jackets completed now, but I have no idea if I will see the trousers so the Solito jackets are not as useful to me. I am really reluctant to go through this process again. I am sympathetic to any personal issues the tailor has been dealing with over the past 3 years, but it would have been better if he would have communicated them. Instead, multiple emails went ignored.

As has been written by others, Mina is very easy to work with and has a fairly regular schedule of USA visits. She is prompt, attentive, and very professional. She also has a very good eye for design, color, and fit. She literally refuses to let you take the garment home unless you are satisfied. I have been very happy with the jackets that I have gotten from her (I have not ordered a suit or odd trousers because I don't have a need). She has also made my favorite shirts and was my gateway to Cappelli ties. I have also been very happy with her own NSM ties.
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Concordia: After having read all the horror stories about Solito, why in the world would you ever consider using him? I realize that Manton is happy with his suits, but he is easily the exception (and I believe he travelled to Naples as well).


I had significant issues with Solito prior to the regrettable health issues in his family, and cannot recommend him. NSM is the way to go.

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Thanks, all!
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