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I love music. Post some great artists here.

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I find that everything in life has been a disappointment more often than not, except for music.  I have a very eclectic taste in music, and am fortunate enough to know many artists of different genres.  I was recently introduced to an artist by the name of Bill Callahan, and he is the best I've heard in a while.  It sounds like his genre is Folk, but he has a voice that just kind of haunts you in a good way.  His voice is like a mixture of Bob Dylan and Tom Petty while his songs are the most relaxing rock I've heard since Pink Floyd, truly incredible stuff.


Another artist I like is Nick Drake, though most of his songs are kind of short.  What I love about music is you can never be done discovering it by a long shot.  I've liked the WuTang clan forever but only in the past couple of years have I delved deeper into each rapper's solo discography and heard their own shit.


Please post more artists here that are great, but don't mention a mainstream song by a mainstream artist.  If you're going to mention a mainstream artist, please mention a more unknown track or a cover they did. 

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Jimi. Hendrix.
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Originally Posted by Steve B. View Post

Jimi. Hendrix.

Come on, man.  That shit's played out.  Check it out, I can play this game too:


The.  Beatles.



Never heard of anything from them either right?

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Steve Earle. Incredible talent and range.
Go to youtube and check him out.

The Unrepentant- Live version done in a prison, rock.

NYC- Live version on Letterman

The Mountain- Bluegrass. SE decided he wanted to do some Bluegrass, so he wrote all the songs and did an album with the Del McCoury Band

I Thought You Should Know- Pure genius.

Galway Girl- Irish

Down the Road- Country
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Steve Earle like mentioned before...but also Lightnin' Hopkins, Justin Townes Earle, Lead Belly, William Elliot Whitmore, Punch Brothers, Trampled by Turtles, Mike Russo, Jonny Corndawg, Devil Makes Three, Sigur Ros, Blaze Foley, Black Angels
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