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Yoox shoe sizing

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A quick question for all the Yooxers out there--I'm an EU 42 and a US 9.5. Yoox pegs EU 42 as US 9 (and, confusingly, EU 41 as US 8, EU 40 as US 7, etc.)--should I believe the US or Italian sizes? Does it vary depending on the shoe that I want to get? The site doesn't provide much guidance.
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It's going to vary some with the brand but I can't imagine a 42 being a 9.5

I'd say 41/42 are around 8.5. Some brands a 41 is a small 8.5. Others a 42 a big 8.5.
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It's been a few years since I've bought shoes from Yoox. But I would guess that the EU listed size is more accurate given that Yoox mostly sells lesser-known (at least to US shoppers) EU brands. On the other hand, as with any brand, sometimes you're a size 42 in one brand and then a 42.5 in another brand. Your best best is to buy both sizes and then return one.
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