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All season navy suit bow ties

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First time poster, long time follower.


I have a wedding coming up and wanted to try something unique. I just purchased a navy suit from Suitsupply and have a pair of AE Sanfords.


I am trying to find a shirt and possible bow tie with it. I wanted some opinion on bow ties as this will be my first time getting these. I would like a similar look to my suit:



Is it good to have a bow tie with straight point collars or buttondown point collars? Any recommendation for a bow tie place? Is it good to match the pocket square with bow tie or the shirt? Any suggestion/advice is appreciated.



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First of all, the suit jacket in the picture is too tight. Also, the shirt is most likely inappropriate for a wedding and the bow tie blends in too much with the shirt. The color of the bow tie should contrast with the shirt color and not match the pocket square's color. For a wedding, a white pocket square is typical. If more colorful than that, it probably should still be secondary in visual impact. Definitely not as equally attention-getting, because such balance becomes a distraction.
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Point collar (non-button down) would be more formal. Personally, I prefer button-down collars with SCs over suits. Some say not to wear a semi-spread with bow ties, but I've seen it pulled off.

To better help answer you question, it's important to know how formal the wedding is and if it's day or evening.
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I believe that we can assume that the wedding is daytime and relatively informal, as the OP is going to wear a suit, not morning dress (or a tuxedo if the wedding is an evening affair).

I am sure that the photo the OP used is merely an illustration of the general appearance of his suit, as the background of the photo smacks heavily of a media event, with celebs being interviewed or photographed on a red carpet.

That being said, let me agree with the other respondents that the bow tie should not match the pocket square, and that a white cotton handkerchief in lieu of a silk pocket square would be both sartorially correct and visually non-distracting.

For myself, I wear bow ties on occasion, and usually with button down shirts, but in contexts that are more casual than a wedding. A forward point shirt would be an easier match for a bow tie than a spread collared shirt (as stated before).

With a navy suit, and for a wedding, might I suggest a white shirt, and a navy bow tie with small white polka dots? Otherwise, the shirt should be light, and the tie should be dark (navy or burgundy, IMHO).
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Thanks for all of your great responses. I should explain a bit. This is an indian inspired wedding with a lot of loud colors and it is in the evening time. I wanted to add red in my outfit hence thought of wearing plaid or gingham shirt to match the loudness of the wedding.


@mensimageconsultant: You made very valid points. The shirt and bow tie blends in too much and I will avoid that. I took into your consideration and decide to get a plain white shirt.


@FlaneurNYC: I decided to go with a forward point shirt. Not sure what SC's are.


@upr_crust: Thanks for the suggestion. You guessed it right. The image above is from a media event. I was rushing to post this thread so just picked up the first image that initially appealed to me.


After taking all your consideration I decided to visit and purchase the setup below. Since I wanted to add red, the classic gingham pattern seemed like the right choice with the blue cotton pocket square. I am very excited to try out this combination. Will post a picture once I get everything.


Thanks for the all the suggestion.





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