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For Sale:
New / BNWT Uniqlo Vintage Chino Gray Sz 29 x 34

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hello. These are perhaps Uniqlo's flagship product, a perfect / unworn pair of vintage chinos in gray, size 29 with standard 34" length, to roll or hem as you see fit. (Note: the gray color is presently all but sold out on their website.) Purchased from their website for $39.90, I had intended to branch out my style and occupy a middle ground, generally preferring to go either very casual (jeans) or dressy (slacks). I did some research and concluded that these likely represent the pinnacle of reasonably priced khaki / chino pants, an opinion echoed by many chino connoisseurs. Here is a page from the company site, highlighting some of the details inherent as well as providing historical background:
This being said, I'm afraid I've come to the conclusion that I'm just an old dog and chinos represent a new trick I've yet to become comfortable with. Thus, I've decided to give them a good home by offering to someone who might better appreciate the style (and obvious value and craftsmanship). I've included some photos to confirm general details, but please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish further information -- I'm at your disposal.

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