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"In Style"

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I am in my early 40's and working in Finance in the NYC metro area. Lately, I had not been focusing on my clothing or current style trends. However, I have made it a New Year's resolution to update my wardrobe and invest in myself.  This forum is awesome and I am confident that I will be able to refine my fashion tastes.

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Welcome to SF.

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Nice Claghorn, I wish there was an Emoticon for freaking out.  Thought there was a fist pounding one but I guess not.



This will have to suffice:





...and welcome to SF, I guess.



Edit: What do you do in finance?

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Thanks for the welcome....I hit the "start thread" instead of "reply" button in the 
"introduce yourself" part.....Call me a neophyte - getting my feet wet for the 1st time !


I work in Wealth Management on the advisory side. As for styles....work - classic business attire     non work- well, that's why Im here !

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Thanks for the welcome !

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